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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: March 1988
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 69

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Hawk, Psyche-Out and Roadblock are sent to the US embassy in Sierra Gordo to extract Ambassador Winthrop. Destro is back with new weapons and a new army, the Iron Grenadiers. Wild Bill, Maverick and Crazylegs along with Zarana, Thrasher, Monkeywrench and load refugees take off in a cargo plane that is going to crash.

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Notes of Interest

Destro returns.
The Iron Grenadiers Destro's new Army is introduced.
Sergeant Major is his second in command.
First appearance: Sierra Gordian General Villavaca, Counter Revolutionary Leader El Jefe, N.A.B.M. Company President Chip Goodfellow. Plus American Ambassador Winthrop.
Introduction of the North American Banana Monopoly Company (N.A.B.M.).

Major Players

The Joes: Crazylegs, Hawk, Psyche-Out, Maverick, Roadblock, Wild Bill

Iron Grenadiers: Destro, Sergeant Major

Dreadnoks: Zarana, Thrasher, Monkeywrench

Additional Characters: Ambassador Winthrop, Chip Goodfellow, General Villavaca, Counter Revolutionary El Jefe

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Tony Salmons,
Inker: Randy Emberlin ,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Tony Salmons and Bob McLeod

Full Details

Hawk, Psyche-Out and Roadblock arrive at the US Embassy in Rio Lindo, capital of Sierra Gordo, with the mission of extracting American Ambassador Winthrop.

The Sierra Gordo Army is attacking one of the last Cobra Terror Dromes. And Destro is flying over the battle with General Villavaca, leader of Sierra Gordo Army, and Chip Goodfellow, owner of the North American Banana Monopoly (N.A.B.M.), with the intention of selling his new weapons. His Sergeant Major is flying the helicopter.

Inside the Terror Drome, Zarana, Thrasher and Monkeywrench are evacuating all Cobra personnel; she launches the firebat to attack Destro. As the air battle is going on, they charge out in the Thunder Machine just as the Terror Drome blows up. Sergeant Major is able to take out the firebat,

Back at the US Embassy, all the important documents have been destroyed and the building is set with charges to be blown up. Ambassador Winthrop has in his possession secret incrementing files about the very corrupt N.A.B.M. and its illegal dealings with General Villavaca's government. As the Joes with the Ambassador exit the Embassy, Villavaca's Army surrounds them. The Embassy blows up and is the diversion needed for the Joes with Winthrop to escape.

At the airport, Wild Bill, Maverick and Crazylegs are guarding the extraction plane for the Ambassador. They are refusing to allow any refugees onto the plane. Zarana and the Dreadnoks pull up and want extraction also. Further down the runway Hawk's group is racing towards the plane being chased by Villavaca's army. Zarana grabs a refugee and threatens to kill him if Wild Bill doesn't take off right now. The refugees and the Dreadnoks are loaded onto the plane. Just as Hawk arrives with the Ambassador, Wild Bill takes off without them. The plane is hit several times by cannon fire from Villavaca's tanks.

Counter Revolutionary forces arrive to take out Villavaca's tanks. They offer to escort the Ambassador to the border, and thank Hawk for the radio tip about Villavaca's forces location. But Hawk never radioed them with any message. Later, Destro admits to being the one who informed the counter revolutionaries of General Villavaca's army's location.

In the Capital, Destro and Sergeant Major unveil the new Iron Grenadier uniforms, and Destro switches from the famous silver mask to a new gold one. Destro is planning on making big profits from selling weapons to both sides of the Sierra Gordo war.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen