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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: January 1988
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 67

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Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick return to The Pit from Borovia. The Cobra Terror Drome paranoid ray plan is inacted for the first time in Frusenland. Flint and Lady Jaye becomes an official couple. The Blind Master discovers Tyronne.

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Notes of Interest

First appearance of Tyronne
Introduction of the country Frusenland and Prime Minster Volff
First hint of Battle Force 2000.
Operation Terror Drome: the true use of Terror Dromes is revealed.
Lady Jaye and Flint becomes an official in love couple.

Major Players

The Joes: Flint, Hawk, Lade Jaye, Outback, Quick Kick, Snow Job, Stalker , Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Jinx, Storm Shadow
Additional Joe Characters: Back Stop, Bazooka, Cross Country, Doc, Dusty, Dial Tone, Gung-Ho, Hawk, Leatherneck, Lifeline, Psyche-Out, Rock 'n' Roll, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Short Fuse, Tunnel Rat

Cobra: Baroness, Fred VII (Cobra Commander), Dr. Mindbender

Additional Characters: Billy, Blind Master, Tyronne, Prime Minister Volff

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Ron Wagner,
Inker: Randy Emberlin ,
Colors: Neil Yomtov,
Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Ron Wagner and Bob McLeod

Full Details

Having just been rescued from their Gulag prison in Borovia, Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick are returning to the new Pit III. All the Joes present line up to greet their long missing teammates. As happy as Stalker is to see everyone, there is one person he really wants to see; Outback. And he is standing off to the side. Outback had been ordered by Stalker to leave them behind, and has been totally despondent about following that order since his return from Borovia.

Stalker talking to Outback straightens him out, and Quick Kick reinforces it by telling him "the only thing that kept us going in the gulag was knowing that you got out with the real word on what went down there." The Joes then take Stalker, Quick Kick and Snow Job into the base for some Yo Joe Cola.

Snake-Eyes and Scarlett get off the same plane and are met by Flint and Lady Jaye. Flint mouths off about not being let in on Stalker's rescue plan. Lady Jaye punches him. If they had known about the plan then Flint and Lady Jaye would have been implicated in the plan. And Snake-Eyes and Scarlett care about them far too much to have done that to them. And Flint adds "as much as you do" and Lady Jaye confirms. Their relationship is now official.

In the country of Frusenland, Dr. Mindbender, Fred VII (Cobra Commander) and the Baroness are trying to sell Prime Minister Volff more Terror Dromes but he isn't buying. As they fly over the country side, they pass a little GI Joe base with covered vehicles.

Cobra has fought hard to keep the real reason for the Terror Dromes a secret. The paranoid ray originally sold to Cobra, by Kwinn the Eskimo (See Issue #2), uses ultra low frequency sound waves to drive people crazy mad. The Baroness has just turned it on and Freusenland has erupted in chaos and riots. Cobra is expecting to make big profits on selling weapons to stop these kinds of riots.

In San Francisco, also having returned from Borovia, the Blind Master, Billy, Jinx and Storm Shadow are watching Prime Minister Volff declare martial law and make a new weapons pack with Cobra on television.

A juvenile delinquent steals Jinx's purse as they are talking, but the Blind Master stops him by throwing his walking cane at him. The Blind Master then offers this kid, Tyronne, a job of being his San Francisco tour guide for the day.

Storm Shadow gives Billy a lesson about violence. As a warrior and a martial artist violence is inherit in what they do and fighting for revenge or as a form of punishment just continues the cycle of violence. But the mastering of martial art is really to become non-violent. The path is about striving to master that violence, and then putting it aside, taking no joy from it and the most important part is keeping ones honor. A ninja has to learn to love the goal, not the means.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen