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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1987
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 66

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Jinx discovers were Stalker, Quick Kick and Snow Job are being imprisoned also she discovers that Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Blind Master are in a traveling circus and all of them are currently in the same town, Pvnsk of Borovia. Storm Shadow, Billy and Jinx join up with Snake-Eyes and crew to assault Gulag #23. After rescuing the imprisoned Joes, they get some help from The White Clown getting across the border to freedom.

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Notes of Interest

Death of the Gulag guards: Corporal Olga & Sgt. Mosiev

First mention of Magda the bareback rider.

Major Players

The Joes: Stalker, Quick Kick, Snow Job, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Jinx, Storm Shadow

Additional Characters: Billy, Blind Master, The White Clown, Orlovsky the Dwarf, Gulag prisoner Boris (deceased), Gulag Guards: Corporal Olga (deceased), Sgt. Mosiev (deceased)

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Ron Wagner,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Ron Wagner and Bob McLeod

Full Details

In San Francisco, Storm Shadow has continued his training with Billy. He shows him the Kuji-No-In finger knitting symbols technique, which is a way to focus the mind for battle.

Jinx interrupts with important news. She has discovered where Stalker is being imprisoned. He is in Gulag Prison #23 in Pvnsk, Borovia. By using satellite photos, she pieced together the path of a train that was carrying Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick. They now have been imprisoned for five months. Additionally, she discovered a newspaper story about a circus traveling around Europe that is currently in Borovia and in the background of the supporting photo is Scarlett.

In Pvnsk, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes and the Blind Master are performing to a very small crowd, but included in that crowd is Corporal Olga and Sgt Mosiev, the soldiers that run Gulag #23. The ringmaster is The White Clown and also performing is Orlovsky the Dwarf as a human cannonball. Very rudely, Sgt. Mosiev asks the White Clown were the bareback rider Magda has gone, knowing very well that she was sent away to a gulag for talking out about the government of Borovia. The White Clown is in love with Magda and tours the towns near the gulags, hoping to discover if she is alive. Sgt. Mosiev knows the answer but won't tell him.

Scarlett is totally discouraged at their lack of progress in finding out where Stalker is being held. Miraculously, Storm Shadow, along with Jinx and Billy, show up with Stalker's location. Storm Shadow says "let's go get 'em"

Later as they prepare for battle by doing the Kuji-No-In, Orlovsky the Dwarf discovers their plan. He runs to The White Clown telling him that if they tell Sgt. Mosiev of the coming attack, in return, he maybe able to get information on Magda. But the White Clown refuses to do that because he would be betraying the love of his life's philosophy.

At Gulag #23, a prisoner has just escaped and Sgt. Mosiev is going hunting. But as he leaves, the Arashikage Ninjas make their entrance.

Inside Stalker's prison dorm, Corporal Olga wants to know who knew about the escaping prisoner. Boris, the informant, says that Snow Job was talking about it. Snow Job's injuries had gotten worse in the last couple of weeks and been too weak to do anything. Boris is taken away and beaten to death for lying.

The Arashikage Ninjas take out a few guards, and sneak into Stalker's prison dorm. Once inside there is an amazing reunion of all the old Vietnam buddies. And for Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick it is time to go home.

The rest of prisoners take over the camp, killing Corporal Olga and escape into the mountains leaving Sgt. Mosiev to return a completely empty camp.

At the river border crossing, the team is trying to determine a good spot to cross, when the alarm and the guard goes up about the prison break, making it even harder to cross the border. To the rescue is The White Clown and Orlovsky the Dwarf. They arrive with Orlovsky the Dwarf's cannon that shoot humans. One by one the team is shot into the river and to freedom.

Sgt. Mosiev shows up at the border and discovers how they are escaping. Being a Gold Metal rifleman, he aims his rifle at the bluff above. And Stalker who is standing there covering the escape with his own rifle, fires first, killing Sgt. Mosiev, then climbing into the cannon and being fired across the border to freedom.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen