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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: September 1987
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 63

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Snake-Eyes and Scarlett get "blown up" with help from the Blind Master as a cover to go rescue Stalker, Snow Job & Quick Kick. Life in the gulag is hard for Stalker, but at least Snow Job and Quick Kick's health has improved. Billy talks to Hawk, Storm Shadow and Rip Cord about the death of the Soft Master and Candy, but refuses to betray anything about his father. Fred VII charters a boat to Cobra Island.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Captain Minh, Corporal Olga, Sgt. Moshev
Official confirmation of The Pit III in Utah.
Flint and Lade Jaye are a dating couple.
Storm Shadow learns that Billy is alive and sees his injuries.
Billy tells Rip Cord & Storm Shadow about the deaths of Candy & the Soft Master.
Billy refuses to give out any information about his father, Cobra Commander to GI Joe.

See variations below for information on the G.I.Joe "Classic" 63 SoMuchFun! Inc Variant.

Major Players

The Joes: Stalker, Outback, Snow Job, Quick Kick, Hawk, Flint, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Jinx

Additional Joe Characters: Bazooka, Beach Head, Chuckles, Crank Case, Dusty, Gung-Ho, Hawk, Law & Order, Leatherneck, Low Light, Mutt & Junkyard, Recondo, Roadblock, Rip Cord, Rock 'n' Roll, Short Fuse, Spirit, Tripwire, Tunnel Rat, Wild Bill

Cobra: Dr. Mindbender, Fred VII, Raptor, Serpentor

Additional Characters: Billy, Blind Master, Captain Minh, Gulag prisoner Boris, Gulag guards: Corporal Olga, Sgt. Moshev

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Ron Wagner,
Inks: Andy Mushinsky,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod

Full Details

In a Borovian Gulag Prison: Stalker is sent out on a manual labor detail where Sgt. Moshev taunts him, and brags about how he is the Gold Metal winner of long distance rifle. Back at the prison, the improving Snow Job and Quick Kick meet Boris the local prison informant. Later, when Stalker returns he is giving Snow Job the recon details, when Boris calls the guards in on them. Snow Job is taken away to be beaten, and there is nothing Stalker can do about it.

In Grenada: Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are on vacation with Lade Jaye and Flint, who now are a full blown couple. On a news report, Stalker's real identity is given out and that he was stationed the Chaplain's Assistant Motor Pool, the location of the now destroyed Pit II. Flint reminds Snake-Eyes about the direct order for no rescue. But Stalker and Snake-Eyes go way to far back, to leave him there to rot. Later as they are walking past a field near the airport, a nice pleasant black Blind man approaches them and asks Snake-Eyes if he can guide him to the airport. Scarlett accompanies them as they cross the field. As Flint and Lady Jaye stay behind, Flint spots a sign saying "Danger Mines" and tries to warn them, but it's too late, all three of them disappear as a mine explodes.

In San Francisco: Billy meets Hawk. Of course Hawk asks him about many things including his father Cobra Commander. Billy's response is "I won't tell you anything against my father. I owe him that much". Hawk's answer is "And I won't ask." Billy is then brought into a room to explain the story again. This time to Storm Shadow and Rip Cord, he then proceeds to tell them how the Soft Master, Storm Shadow's Uncle and Candy, Rip Cord's girlfriend, died. (See issue #43)

While Billy is telling his story to Storm Shadow, Hawk receives a call from Flint telling him about how Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and the black Blind man were "killed" by a mine that was too small to make them completely disappear. Hawk actually puts Storm Shadow on the phone with Flint, when Storm Shadow asks questions about the black Blind man; he is able to confirm that it was the Blind Master who had met up with Scarlett and Snake-Eyes. Storm Shadow ends the conversation saying "I thought he was dead all these years, but he was always good at that sort of thing and I guess he still is"

In Utah: The GI Joe team leaves the hangers that cover the new Pit III to play a little football. Over head Cobra has a satellite taking photos. Dr. Mindbender and Serpentor, on Cobra Island, analyze the photos wondering if there is more to this little base then meet the eye. An additional report comes in from Raptor about more Joe activity at the Presidio in San Francisco.

And finally, in Galveston Texas, Fred VII with his Pogo and Cobra Commander's battle armor rents out Captain Minh's boat for a trip out into the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. His destination: Cobra Island.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


One of the single rarest GI Joe comics ever published is the #63 Classic; only 5000 were produced. This was produced as a 3rd print by So Much Fun, Inc. This company released covers of other comic titles also which all had the word "Classic" printed on the cover. This was back before alternate covers were the standard for the industry, especially from outside companies.