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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1982
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 6

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Breaker, Clutch, Steeler, Flash, Scarlett & Stalker are sent into Afghanistan to retrieve a top secret Russian spy craft that crashed there. They are given a new special vehicle, RTV (Rough Terrain Vehicle), to extract this plane. After meeting the local rebels, a CIA agent and collecting the remaining parts of the plane, they begin there journey across Afghanistan. They encounter the Russian equivalent to the GI Joe team, The October Guard. As the two teams fight it out over the plane, Cobra steps in to capture both teams and the plane.

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Notes of Interest

First multi issue story. (Part 1)
First appearance of the Oktober Guard.
Introduction of Ahmed. (See Special Missions #9)

Major Players

The Joe Team - Breaker, Clutch, Flash, Scarlett, Stalker, Steeler
Additional Joe Appearances: Grunt, Grand Slam, Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Short-Fuze, Snake-Eyes, Zap

October Guard - Colonel Brekhov, Horror Show, Diana, Stormavik, Schrage

Cobra - Cobra Commander

Additional Characters: Ahmed

Creative Team

Scripter: Larry Hama,
Plot & Penciler: Herb Trimpe,
Inks: Jack Abel,
Letterer: Jim Novak,
Colorist: Christie Scheele,
Editor: Tom DeFalco,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist:

Full Details

The Joe team of Stalker, Scarlett, Steeler, Flash, Clutch & Breaker are sent to Afghanistan to retrieve a crashed Russian spy plane that has fallen into the hands of the Afghan rebels. The Russians and Cobra are both on the hunt for this plane, and GI Joe needs to be the first to be there. After the team departs, Hawk sends out a coded message to Cobra about the spy planes location.

The team and there supplies, along with some vehicles are dropped into Afghanistan. They are met by the local leader of the rebels, Ahmed, who has been working with a CIA agent to get the plane parts boxed up and ready to move. The Joe team is given a RTV (Rough Terrain Vehicle) to transport the plane parts out of Afghanistan to their extraction point in Karachi, Pakistan. The RTV is a lightweight, easily assembled vehicle that is capable of transporting large weights, they also have a VAMP to ride shotgun.

As they proceed to Pakistan, they are being watched by the October Guard. The October Guard is the Russian equivalent of the GI Joe team, a highly trained, specialized fighting force, lead by Colonel Brekhov and including team members Diana, Horror Show, Stormavik, and Schrage. At a point where the Joe team reaches a large canyon, the October Guard attacks. A large and long battle breaks out between the two teams who are evenly matched. As the October Guard nearly gain access to the entrance to the RTV. And the battle shifts from a gun fight to hand to hand combat, they are both caught off guard when a much larger force Cobra arrives to claim the spy plane.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen