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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1986
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 54

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Cobra has sold their first Terror Drome to the country of Sierra Gordo. Snake-Eyes disguised as Flint is dropped in to get captured as a ploy to get more information on the Terror Drome. At the bottom of the destroyed Pit, Cobra Commander and Destro are trying to figure a way out.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Slip Stream.
Dial Tone's first appearance in the main series. (see Special Missions #2)

Return of the country of Sierra Gordo. (First appearance Issue #12)
Cobra sells the first Terror Drome.

Major Players

The Joes: Flint, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Slip Stream
Additional Joe Appearances: Ace, Airbourne, Airtight, Dial Tone, Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Spirit, Wild Bill

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Serpentor, Tomax, Xamot, Firebat Pilot
Dreadnoks: Zartan, Zarana, Zandar, Buzzer, Ripper,

Additional Characters: Envoys from Sierra Gordo, Chaplains' Assistants Percy & Clarence

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Rod Whigham,
Inks: Sam Delerosa,
Colors: George Roussos,
Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck

Full Details

On Cobra Island, envoys from the provisional military government of Sierra Gordo are meeting with Serpentor. They are looking for an air defense system to help protect their new dictatorship.

Serpentor unveils a scale model of the Terror Drome, a pre-fab launch base for the Firebat air defense system that costs $250 million US dollars. Within the week they can have it up and running. He also puts Zartan and Zarana in charge of Terror Drome sales.

At Fort Wadsworth, former home of GI Joe, the new fighter pilot Slip Stream is reporting for duty. Below ground in the collapsed part of the former base called The Pit. Cobra Commander and Destro are alive.

In Sierra Gordo, Cobra has just finished assembling the Terror Drome. And the Joes have satellites photos but no idea what it is. Hawk sets up a mission where Snake-Eyes disguised as Flint will get captured and brought into the Terror Drome in order to recon what it is about.

The X-30 Conquest airplane, piloted by Slip Stream, makes its attack with Snake-Eyes in the back seat. The Firebat of the Terror Drome is launched in order to repel the Joe attack. A serious air battle takes place between the Conquest and the Firebat. The Conquest is hit by the Firebat's machine gun and Snake-Eyes ejects landing near the Terror Drome. Tomax and Xamot are easily able to capture him. Snake-Eyes, wearing a mask that looks like Flint, is brought into the Terror Drome put into the old but improved brainwave scanner.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


The Mark Jeweler jewelry insert was released in many Marvel comics throughout the late 1970s til the late 1980s. What is pictured here is the actual insert included in Marvel #54. To read about the history of the Mark Jeweler insert follow the link - Marvel Mark Jewelers Inserts Part 4 - Marvel Mark Jewelers Inserts - The Colored End of an Era - October 1986 - July 1991