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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: June 1986
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 48

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Zartan posing as multiple Joes has gotten loose in The Pit and Sgt. Slaughter prevents him from escaping. Rip Cord mistaken for Zartan learns the location of Springfield and reports that back to The Pit. Storm Shadow's dead body is bagged and Dr. Mindbender takes him away.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Sgt Slaughter.
Hawk is introduced to Jugglers.
Storm Shadow appears dead.
Zartan is posing as Rip Cord and Rip Cord is mistaken for Zartan.

Major Players

The Joes: Duke, Doc, Gung-Ho, Rip Cord, Scarlett, Sgt. Slaughter, Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow
Additional Joe Appearances: Barbecue, Blowtorch, Breaker, Clutch, Crank-Case, Cutter, Heavy Metal, Quick Kick, Recondo, Roadblock, Stalker, Steeler, Tripwire, Torpedo

Cobra: Baroness, Destro, Dr. Mindbender
Dreadnoks: Zartan, Buzzer, Ripper, Torch

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Rod Whigham,
Inks: Andy Mushynsky,
Letters: Joe Rosen,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Dennis O'Neil,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck

Full Details

On Cobra Island, Destro, the Baroness and Dr. Mindbender inspect the dead body of Storm Shadow. The Baroness reminds them that a ninja is able to slow there respiration and heartbeat. Dr. Mindbender orders the body taken to cold storage.

In The Pit, Doc is taking a blood sample from Zartan who is still posing as Rip Cord. When Doc returns Snake-Eyes/Zartan is in room and he knocks out Doc. Scarlett sounds the alert that an intruder is trying to escape. All Joes are on alert. A cat and mouse game happens as Zartan continues to change into different Joes and causing lots of confusion and mistaken identity. In the communication room, Zartan/Doc is grabbed by the Joes, just as the real Doc enters the room. Breaker has just received a message from Rip Cord that Zartan has taken his place and is in The Pit. Zartan turns invisible, which is just a camouflage trick, but it works and gets him free in the Pit, again. Another part of Breaker's message is that Rip Cord also knows the location of Cobra headquarters.

In Springfield, Buzzer tells Rip Cord, who is dressed as Zartan, that he escaped from The Pit with a girl prisoner. Rip Cord demands to know about the girl. That girl is Candy, his girlfriend, who is now dead. The last Buzzer saw of her was when she kicked him out the car. Rip Cord attacks Buzzer. The Dreadnoks subdue Rip Cord/Zartan and take him out of Springfield. At a rest stop, Rip Cord is able to call The Pit and inform them about the switch Zartan made back on Cobra Island and that he knows the location of Cobra's headquarters.

Back at The Pit, Sgt. Slaughter has just arrived.

Zartan makes his way to the surface with Gung-Ho right on his heals. Zartan/Gung-Ho starts fighting Gung-Ho when Sgt. Slaughter comes up to the fight. Sgt. Slaughter just hauls off and knocks Zartan out cold. When asked how he knew there right one to hit, "The odds were fifty-fifty. Guess, I was lucky."

At a diplomatic meeting in Washington DC, a Cobra diplomat is negotiating official relations with the US government. And Hawk has his first meeting with the group called the Jugglers. They give Hawk his first order, Cobra Island is completely off limits to GI Joe.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


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