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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1985
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 42

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Having just escaped from The Pit, Buzzer has kidnapped Rip Cord's girlfriend Candy and heads to Springfield. General Austin has a heart attack and Hawk goes to visit him with Snake-Eyes and Stalker. The Soft Master breaks in the Cobra computer data banks at a police station in Springfield. Storm Shadow continues to train Billy, who abruptly leaves to confront his father, Cobra Commander. Wade Collins (Fred Broca), an old Vietnam veteran of Stalker and Snake-Eyes, reveals that he is alive and a Cobra agent.

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Notes of Interest

General Austin has a heart attack.
Stalker and Snake-Eyes visit the Vietnam memorial and Wade Collins (Fred Broca) reveals himself to be alive.

Storm Shadow trains Billy as his apprentice.
The Soft Master hunts for information about the Hard Master's killer.

Major Players

The Joes: Duke, Hawk, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Rip Cord
Additional Joe Appearances: Doc, General Austin, Gung-Ho, Roadblock, Recondo, Scarlett

Cobra: Storm Shadow, Fred Broca II(Wade Collins)
Dreadnoks: Buzzer

Additional Characters: Candy (Rip Cord's girlfriend), Soft Master, Billy, Chuck, Fred Broca's family; his wife, daughter and son (Sean Collins), Hard Master

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Rod Whigham,
Inks: Andy Mushynsky,
Letters: Joe Rosen,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor in Chief: James Shooter
Cover Artist:

Full Details

The Joes have returned from their battle on Cobra Island. Rip Cord is being taken to the hospital to recover from his injuries. He is informed that the Dreadnok Buzzer, who just escaped from the The Pit, has kidnapped his girl friend Candy and is on the loose.

General Austin is talking to Hawk about the Cobra Island debacle when he has a heart attack. Now, Hawk must go to Washington DC and he is going to take Stalker and Snake-Eyes with him.

The Soft Master catches a ride into Springfield with a traveling salesmen named Chuck. Chuck drops him at the police station. The Soft Master leaves his suitcase in the car, as Chuck drives off. He then enters the police station to ask the officers to look up a name in their database.

Billy, Cobra Commander's son, continues to receive ninja training from Storm Shadow, he has become Storm Shadow's apprentice.

Near the GI Joe base Fort Wadsworth, Fred Broca (Wade Collins) leaves his Cobra planted family, including his son Sean, to trail Hawk as he leaves the base for Washington DC.

Buzzer and Candy are on the outskirts of Springfield. Buzzer is planning on giving the location of the GI Joe headquarters to Cobra. He has been fighting with Candy the entire trip. After Candy is able get a hold of a gun, she kicks Buzzer out on the side of the road and leaves him behind.

Billy has learned many ninja training techniques from Storm Shadow. But as Storm Shadow talks about his past, especially the death of the Hard Master and his mysterious killer, Billy makes a decision. His decision is to confront his father about many things including who killed the Hard Master. The Hard Master is the Soft Master's brother and Storm Shadow's uncle. So he leaves his training and Storm Shadow to go to Springfield to find his father.

At the police station in Springfield, the Soft Master has taken out all of the officers. And now has gained access to their computer system where he will be able to get a print out of all the information pertaining to the Hard Master.

After dropping off Hawk at General Austin's hospital, Snake-Eyes and Stalker head to the Vietnam Memorial to pay their respects to their fallen comrades. Back in Vietnam, Stalker, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Ramon Escobedo, Dickie Saperstein and Wade Collins where on a long range recon patrol, when they walked into an ambush, only Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow walked out alive. They are there to look up Ramon, Dickie and Wade's names. When they get to the spot in the directory where Wade Collins name is supposed to be, it is not there. Fred Broca, who is actually Wade Collins Cobra Crimson Guard agent, reveals to them that he is very much alive and holds them at gun point.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


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