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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: October 1982
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 4

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First Strike, a paramilitary group funded by Cobra, has a base in Montana that Hawk and Grunt with support from Snake-Eyes infiltrate. First Strike is lead by Vance Wingfield and their mission is to start world war III. They have two nuclear bombs. One is put on a B-29 bomber and flown towards Russia and the other will be detonated here in America. Hawk is able shoot down the B-29 thereby collapsing First Strike's primary plan. The secondary plan is detonate the second bomb right underneath the compound. Vance Wingfield's wife shoots him in the back just after starting the countdown. The rest of the Joe team invades the compound to support Grunt & Snake-Eyes. Zap & Grunt then disarm the nuclear warhead and save the day.

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Notes of Interest

Snake-Eyes writes his thoughts.

First appearance of Vance, Shary and Tyler Wingfield.

Major Players

The Joes - Hawk, Grunt, Snake-Eyes, Clutch, Short-Fuze, Steeler, Scarlett, Breaker, Stalker, Zap

Strike First - Vance Wingfield, Shary Wingfield, Tyler Wingfield, Captain Carruthers

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Plot & Art: Herb Trimpe,
Inks: Jon D'Agostino and Jack Abel,
Letters: Diana Albers,
Colors: George Roussos,
Edits: Tom DeFalco,
Commander: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Bob Hall and Al Milgrom

Full Details

At a remote base in Montana, Vance Wingfield, along with his wife Shary and Captain Carruthers are training new recruits. Their organization is called First Strike. A Cobra funded paramilitary organization that is on a mission to start world war III.

After a full Joe team briefing, Hawk and Grunt are selected, with Snake-Eyes as backup, to infiltrate the group.

Hawk and Grunt are then intermixed with the new recruits. The base is a highly fortified compound that has many families living within its guarded fencing. As Hawk & Grunt go through the training program they scout out the compound, where they discover a B-29, 3 jet fighter Sabres and brand new T-60E tanks.

Wingfield's master plan is to have Captain Carruthers fly the B-29 to Vladivostock, Russia and drop one of the two nuclear bombs that First Strike has control of. This initial bombing is supposed to cause Russia to retaliate with a massive counteract that will leave the US destroyed and allow First Strike to arise from their bunkers to take over the United States. The second nuclear bomb that First Strike has control of is stationed underneath the compound and only Vance Wingfield has the ability to cont! rol its denotation. The back up plan if the bomber fails is to denote the bomb within the compound, thereby killing all of them in the first blast, and causing the US to retaliate against Russia. This plan is described by Wingfield to his top lieutenants as Snake-Eyes listens.

Hawk & Grunt have snuck into the armory where they set off a silent alarm, which interrupts the meeting. Hawk & Grunt are then captured and as they are being lead to their cells, Snake-Eyes frees them. After being informed of the First Strike plan, Hawk goes to take out the B-29 and Grunt & Snake-Eyes go to get Wingfield.

Captain Carruthers takes off in the B-29 carrying the nuclear warhead. Hawk gets in one of the jet fighters and goes after him.

Meanwhile, Snake-Eyes accesses the radio room and notifies the Joe team that they need support.

Hawk catches up to Carruthers's airplane. When Hawk's radio doesn't work he is forced to shoot down Carruthers over the Pacific Ocean without any warning.

Vance Wingfield is aware that the B-29 mission has failed. He then activates the nuclear bomb located within the compound. Several of the families begin to leave, and Wingfield pulls his gun to shoot them for desertion. Vance asks his wife to back him up. She ends up shooting him in the back right in front of her own son.

The rest of the Joe team busts in just as Wingfield is shot. Shary warns them about the warhead and with the countdown already begun, it is up to Zap to disarm the nuclear bomb. In order to disarm the bomb, Zap has to cut the spokes that support the hub. The hub is the way in which the bomb is detonated. Grunt's responsibility is to pull the very heavy hub out and clear after the spokes have been cut. With just a few seconds left and the spokes cut, Grunt is able to pull the hub clear and prevent the denotation. All is safe.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen