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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: August 1985
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 38

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Billy's trial. Storm Shadow breaks him loose and escapes. A troop of Joes head to Sierra Gordo to rescue Dr. Adele Burkhart. An Additional group of Joes invade a house in Staten Island.

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Notes of Interest

Some of Cobra Commander's life history with Billy & the creation of Cobra is revealed.
The brainwave scanner returns.
Storm Shadow rescues Billy, thus becoming a traitor to Cobra.

We learn that Candy, a.k.a. Bongo the Balloon Bear, has a father who works for Cobra. First Appearance of Crimson Guardsman Professor Appel, Candy's Father.

The return of Dr. Adele Burkhart the Introduction of the Tucaros, South American Indians & Friends of Recondo & The Joes.

Major Players

The Joes: Rip-Cord, Gung-Ho, Blowtorch, Roadblock, Stalker, Lady Jaye, Duke, Flint, Recondo, Cover Girl, Snake-Eyes, Mutt & Junkyard.

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, Zartan, Tomax, Xamot, Professor Appel, Ripper, Torch, Wild Weasel, Firefly

Additional Characters: Candy "'Bongo the Bear" Appel, Billy, Dr. Adele Burkhart

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Rod Whigham,
Inks: Andy Mushynsky,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and John R. Beatty

Full Details

In Springfield, Billy, Cobra Commander's son, is going through an inquest for his assassination attempt of his father. Although Billy insists that he worked alone, Destro is convinced that he had adult help, but who? The Baroness and Major Bludd are becoming quite nervous that Billy will turn them in. At the Pit, Duke informs Stalker, Rip-Cord, Roadblock and Gung-Ho that they have a mission to perform. They are to go to the country of Sierra Gordo and rescue Dr. Adele Burkhart. She is the woman they saved in issue #1! She has been captured by guerilla rebels this time.

Back in Springfield, Zartan has the idea of attaching Billy to the late Dr. Venom's Brainwave Scanner. It will read his mind, exposing who helped Billy. The Baroness objects, but Cobra Commander agrees with Zartan. It displays his thoughts, nearly showing who the guilty party is. By drawing on even more painful memories, Billy causes the scanner to show other images. Images of his father talking to him about how he hates big government control. By bypassing government control through terrorism and extortion, he will take over the town of Springfield, and eventually the world, with an underground terrorist organization called Cobra. Cobra Commander orders the machine shut off, because it is showing too much highly classified information. Storm Shadow is impressed with Billy's loyalty to those who abandoned him, noting the boy's former allies probably mistake his integrity for stupidity.

At the Pit, a group of Joes are taking the A.P.C. and VAMP off base through the back door. They are paying a "social call" on a suspected undercover Cobra agent. His house is on Staten Island. In Sierra Gordo, the group of Joes have parachuted down, and are met by Recondo. He has been out in the jungle for months, monitoring the guerilla base. The Joes at first don't recognize him, since he was at the Pit for only a short time. They are about to overtake him, but are ambushed by his South American native friends, the Tucaros. The Joes soon recognize Recondo, and they team up.

At a prison in Springfield, Billy is recovering from his experience on the Brainwave Scanner. Storm Shadow sneaks into the prison, taking out the guards and freeing Billy. Destro enters the cell hallway, planning to stop the traitorous ninja. Storm Shadow rushes him, knocking Destro's arm upward, causing him to shoot out the room's light. Billy and the ninja escape.

At the house on Staten Island, Duke and Lady Jaye approach the front door wearing armored vests. Mutt, Junkyard and Snake-Eyes circle around to the back door. Right after Duke knocks on the door, a burst of machine-gun fire rips the door apart and knocks them down. Cover Girl shoots through the front window while Mutt and Snake-Eyes storm in the back door. A grenade is thrown at them, which Junkyard picks up in his mouth and drops down the kitchen sink. In Sierra Gordo, the Joes are high up on a cliff at the edge of the rebel base bunker. A frontal assault on the heavily fortified base is impossible, so they plan to use ropes to crawl down the cliff side and attack it from above.

Storm Shadow tells Billy how to escape from Springfield while he creates a diversion. Billy asks him what the point of staying behind is. They leave together. On Staten Island, Blowtorch fires into the house and Mutt and Snake-Eyes storm a hallway full of gunfire. Suddenly, Tomax, Xamot and a Crimson Guardsman crash out of a house window riding on a Cobra Ferret 4-Wheeler. They destroy the A.P.C. and the VAMP in the process. Snake-Eyes and Mutt walk out carrying Cobra equipment and uniforms, proving that this was a Cobra base of operations. The Bongo the Balloon Bear van pulls up to the house, and Candy steps out. Blowtorch asks her what she is doing there. She tells him that this is her father's house, and that she lives there!

Summary By Jeff Edburg


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