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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: June 1985
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 36

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Sea battle with the Whale, the Morays, and a whole lot of other seacraft. Frec Broca II attempts to capture Scarlett and sees Snake-Eyes with his rubber mask off.

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Notes of Interest

First appearances of Cobra's A.S.P. cannon and Moray Hydrofoil.
A brief first appearance cameo by the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier & its Captain Keel-Haul

Major Players

The Joes: Cutter, Deep Six, Doc, Torpedo, Snow Job, Trip-Wire, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett
Cobra: Fred Broca II

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Rod Whigham, Mark Bright, Larry Hama and Bob Camp,
Inks: Andy Mushynsky and Mike Esposito,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Dennis O'Neil,
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Michael Golden

Full Details

G.I. Jane, the Joe freighter, is at sea in the South Atlantic. The WHALE had just been dropped off to go on a recon mission. Doc has brought hot chocolate to Deep-Six and Cutter, when Trip-Wire runs through the door. He has seen four anti-ship missiles heading for them on the starboard side. Cutter hits the controls for the radar-directed 30mm gatling gun. It takes out three missiles, but a wave hits the ship and washes out the gatling gun. The fourth missile is still on its way.

Twenty miles away, the WHALE is approaching a little island when it comes under heavy fire. The island has a small Cobra bunker on it, surrounded by Assault Systems Pods, a.k.a. "ASPs." Although Snow Job requests a tactical withdrawal, Torpedo has no intention of running away, and attacks. Far away in New York, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are riding the Staten Island Ferry back to Fort Wadsworth. Little do they know, Crimson Guardsman Fred Broca II has seen them. He and his troops plan to kidnap Scarlett. Since Snake-Eyes is wearing a rubber mask, they do not recognize him. He heads off to get food for Scarlett.

The missile hits the Jane. Multiple fires erupt. The WHALE jumps onto the island beach, taking out two ASPs along the way. The Joes find the island has a large lagoon in the middle of it, making the overall shape to be like that of a donut. Two Moray hydrofoils launch out to sea from the base. On the ferry, the Cobra thugs grab Scarlett. Snake-Eyes rushes back, throwing the food at the Cobras. Fred II shoots at the Joe, but misses and hits a Cobra instead. A pair of Cobra Sea-Rattlers fly up to the Jane and prepare to attack. Deep-Six runs onto the deck carrying an axe. Cutter drives and the other Joes fight fires. The Cobra ASPs swivel around to fire at the WHALE, which is just sitting in the lagoon behind them. The hovercraft then comes rushing at them, jumping out to sea, behind the ASPS again. Two henchmen pull Scarlett into the interior of the ferry. Snake-Eyes injures Fred. The Rattlers strafe the freighter's deck. Doc realizes that the only way to survive is to get the gatling gun running again. He and Trip-Wire run out to it. The ASPs are totally confused about where they should turn to shoot. The WHALE pulls up behind one of the hydrofoils and blows it to smithereens. Snake-Eyes knocks the Cobra agents down a stairway, taking them out. Fred II walks to the top of the stairs and points his gun straight at the Joes.

Deep-Six uses the axe to chop open a crate holding a Joe missile-launcher. He fires it, and takes out one of the Rattlers. The second Rattler destroys the launcher, and circles for another attack. The ASP units commanding officer believes that the Joe hovercraft will double back, and orders all guns pointed out to sea. The WHALE comes head-to-head with a hydrofoil, and they pass each other shooting like crazy. Snake-Eyes and Fred are shooting it out at each other, when the Joe commando jumps the Crimson Guardsman and knocks him out a door. He keeps the Cobra from falling into the water by grabbing his tie. Doc plans to aim the gatling gun manually while Trip-Wire reconnects the circuitry to get it to fire at the Rattler. The ASP gunners see a boat driving in front of them out at sea and fire. Only too late do they realize that they have just destroyed their hydrofoil. The WHALE then comes cruising up behind them and destroys them all. Fred realizes that Snake-Eyes is wearing a rubber mask. He pulls it off, only to be terrified at the appearance of Snake-Eyes' face. He falls into the water screaming. The Rattler attacks the freighter, when Trip-Wire finally gets the circuits fixed. The gatling cannon destroys the jet. An ASP gunner is furious that the Joes destroyed their base, but the officer knows that Cobra truly came out on top. The base was destroyed, but the Joes left without finding out just why Cobra was keeping a base in the South Atlantic. Their operation in the Gulf of Mexico could proceed. The WHALE returns to the wreckage of the sunken G.I. Jane freighter and rescues their friends from the water. The other Joes are distressed that they are a thousand miles from nowhere, but Cutter points out to them that they are going to go home in style. The U.S.S. Flagg picks them up!
Summary By Jeff Edburg