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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: March 1985
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 33

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Billy's assassination attempt fails, and the boy is revealed by Destro to be Cobra Commander's son. Meanwhile, the Joes re-open The Pit, their HQ, and many of the Joes find themselves reassigned to desk jobs.

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Notes of Interest

Billy is Cobra Commander's son.
Destro takes of his mask in front the Baroness.
The remodeled Pit is opened up.
Introduction of Candy "Bongo the Bear" Appel
Rip Cord meets Candy.
The structure of the Joe team is changed, most of the originals Joes are put in charge of The Pit & Hawk gives Duke field command of the team.

Major Players

The Joes: Airborne, Blowtorch, Duke, Cover Girl, Hawk, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Spirit, Rip Cord
Additional Joe Appearances: Clutch, Breaker, Flash, Deep Six, Grand Slam, Grunt, Gung-Ho, Recondo, Rock 'n' Roll, Short-Fuse, Stalker, SteelerRoadblock,

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Fred Broca II, Major Bludd, Storm Shadow
Additional Cobra appearances: Firefly, Buzzer, Torch, Ripper, Zartan

Additional Characters: Candy Bongo the Bear, Billy, Sean & Heather, General "Iron-Butt" Austin

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Frank Springer,
Inks: Andy Mushynsky,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Dennis O'Neil,
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and John R. Beatty

Full Details

The Joes are preparing for the grand celebration opening of the newly upgraded Pit headquarters. Scarlett goes to the infirmary to check up on Snake-Eyes, who is sharing the room with Airborne and Spirit Iron-Knife. While there, they realize that Spirit has sneaked out of the room while they were asleep. At a nearby mall, Rip-Cord and Blowtorch are escorting Spirit to a florist's shop, where he plans to find some more traditional medicines in the plants there. While there, he sees Fred Broca, the Crimson guardsman he just recently battled in the High Sierras. He does not know that this is the second Fred Broca, surgically altered to look like the first. He's with the first Broca's family at the mall, trying to look inconspicuous. Spirit immediately takes off after him.

In Springfield, Destro has returned to find the Baroness having no trust in him. To show her that she can trust him, Destro takes off his mask, causing her to faint.

Back at the mall, Spirit has stopped Broca to ask him a few questions. His wife swings her purse at Spirit's head, knocking him down with some super-hard substance in the purse. The Cobras run off as Blowtorch and Rip-Cord come out to help Spirit. At the Pit, Roadblock is teaching everyone how to properly spread anchovy-paste. Clutch and Breaker are trying to convince Cover Girl to mud-wrestle with Scarlett. She tells them to drop dead. Back at the mall's parking lot, the Broca family escapes in their car. The wife reveals that her purse is full of grenades. She destroys the Joe VAMP jeep with one. A "Bongo the Balloon Bear" birthday supply van drives up to the Joes. The driver, dressed in a bear costume, offers to give the Joes a lift. Luckily, Blowtorch's gear survived the VAMP explosion and he puts it on. They chase after the Brocas.

Storm Shadow assures Cobra Commander of his safety in Springfield. The Baroness has told Destro of her and Major Bludd's plans to use a boy to assassinate Cobra Commander.

The chase on Staten Island goes on. The Joes dodge a rocket fired from the Broca car and manage to pull up next to it. Rip-Cord climes out of the Bongo van and jumps onto the car. Mrs. Broca almost shoots him off, but Spirit pulls him back. Bongo decides enough is enough, and jumps out. The Joes promise to return the van, but soon lose track of the Cobras. In Springfield, the giant ceremony has started, and Cobra Commander is giving his big speech. The children bearing flowers approach the commander. Destro looks down with binoculars to see which kid is carrying the gun. He sees that it is Billy, and runs down the bleachers. Billy pulls out the gun and starts the poem. Storm Shadow raises his sword to stop Billy. Destro jumps into the scene, pushing Storm Shadow aside and knocking the gun away from Billy, causing him to just barely miss Cobra Commander. Destro tells the Commander to take a close look at the boy, saying patricide is one thing that he will not tolerate. Then the Commander and Billy realize that they are related.

At the Pit, everyone is about to listen to a big long speech from General "Iron-Butt" Austin, when the elevator comes down carrying the Bongo Balloon Bear Van. The Joes open the van, letting out all the balloons in celebration. The general decides to skip the speech and start the eating. Still, in the mess hall the general announces that all the original Joes, except for Snake-Eyes, will be given raises and receive medals. They will also become the full-time operators of the Pit. The newer Joes, as well as Snake-Eyes, will become the field troops. Hawk happily gives field command to Duke.

Later, Rip-Cord returns the van to Bongo, and finds out that it is a young lady in the costume. She asks him out to dinner, and they drive off.

By Jeff Edburg


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