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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: September 1982
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 3

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A seemingly deactivated Cobra robot wreaks havoc in the Joes underground HQ.

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Notes of Interest

Scarlett and Hawk host a Chaplain's Assistants' Social Tea directly above the PIT.
Cross section view of the Pit

Cobra transport choppers which look like a Cobra hood.

Major Players

Joes: Rock N Roll, Scarlett, Hawk, Flash Breaker, Steeler, Clutch, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Zap, General Flagg

Cobra: Cobra Commander

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Herb Trimpe,
Inks: J. Abel & J. D'agostino,
Letters: Diana Albers,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Tom DeFalco,
Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Bob Hall and Al Milgrom

Full Details

We enter the story in the aftermath of a successful mission; the Joes have several Cobra prisoners and a dismantled ten foot robot on their hands. General Flagg orders the Joes to take the robot back to the Pit for safekeeping. They load up the parts, the prisoners and their wounded into three mail trucks.

Cobra Commander hovering somewhere close in a fleet of Cobra transport choppers is informed phase one is complete, as the trucks make their way to the Chaplain's assistant school in Fort Wadsworth.

The truck carrying the robot is taken to the bottom level of the Pit in the computer room and analyzed for activity. Finding none, the Joes adjourn to their normal activities. Clutch Steeler and Breaker go to the canteen and cook up some bacon and eggs, Scarlett and Hawk go above to the motor pool for a social tea, and Flash, Snake Eyes, and Stalker go to the armory. Snake eyes always volunteers to clean all the weapons after every mission.

In the motor pool high above, a guest says she smells bacon and eggs cooking.

Cobra Commander is told that the chemical delay in the robots hand is about to activate. The hand finds the computer system and locks up all the Joes in whatever room they are in. Then it proceeds to rebuild itself.

Steeler, Clutch, and Breaker remove a panel on the wall and Steeler uses brute force to get the door open. Flash and the others realize the safest option is to use a laser rifle on low power to burn through the door. Snake Eyes and Stalker bunk out to preserve oxygen.

Steeler and Breaker follow Clutch's hunch that whatever set off the blast door must be connected to the robot in the computer room. They enter the room to be immediately greeted by a fully assembled and firing robot. They scatter and Clutch improvises a fire bomb using aftershave and a lighter from the latrine. Now on fire the robot continues to advance as the three Joes regroup.

Cobra Commander reveals the robot's true purpose is to get to the open air and transmit a homing beacon so they can attack.

In the motor pool an attendee comments he smells an electrical fire. Hawk blames it on a crosswind from the mess hall and comments it could smell much worse.

Clutch and the others hearing no activity; head to the training area in search of the robot. Breaker points out that they are unarmed. Then the robot rises out of the swimming pool, it submerged itself to put out the fire and now is heading upwards again. It follows them up to the garage level by climbing the elevator cables. Clutch sends the elevator down on top of it but it keeps climbing. Then they chuck a HAL into the elevator shaft but miss as the robot stands on the ledge of the floor beneath them. The robot heads for the stairs and Clutch looks for aluminum foil and paint.

When the robot reaches the garage Steeler tosses the paint on its eyes and it can't see, relying on radar only it doesn't see anything but solid floor and steps into the open hydraulic shaft covered up by the foil and falls six floors down back to the computer level with a very loud noise. The Chaplain's assistants hear it comparing it to a Mack truck falling off a cliff. Hawk chalks up the noise to some weird acoustical phenomenon.

The Cobra choppers are running low on fuel. If they don't get a signal soon they will have to turn back.

Flash, Stalker, and Snake eyes have gotten out of the armory and head to the fight. They find Breaker and the others cleaning up lots of robot pieces when the head sprouts tentacles and proceeds to climb up a shaft. Flash shoots it back down and the head pops open and little spiders crawl out. Stalker smashes one with his rifle butt. Breaker picks it up and finds out it is a mini transmitter and Clutch points out there are eleven more spaces in the head. Then the Joes go on a bug hunt systematically destroying all the bugs but one. Breaker gets the computers back up and running just in time to see that the last one is just inches from the grate in the motor pool.

One of the guests at the tea sees it pop its little head through the grate and makes a fuss. Scarlett tells him they are used to bugs in the motor pool and stomps on it with her heel. The Joes below that are looking up into the grate helplessly are surprised to be showered with bug parts. One of the assistants makes the comment they think they hear cheering below but another attributes it to that acoustical phenomenon Hawk mentioned earlier.

Hawk suggests it may be time for some R and R for the Joes and Scarlett responds "Good idea Hawk, sounds like they're going buggy down there!"

Summary by Ted Jacobson