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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: September 1984
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 27

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Storm Shadow reveals that he did not kill his uncle, the Hard Master, but believes the job was done by someone in Cobra, which he has infiltrated to find the real killer.Snake-Eyes recruitment in GI Joe, his first meeting with Scarlett and the accident that disfigured & rendered him mute are all told. Plus, Scarlett reveals her love for Snake-Eyes.

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Notes of Interest

Significant Snake-Eyes Background story elements:

--Storm Shadow reveals that he did not kill his uncle the Hard Master
--Someone in the Cobra organization killed the Hard Master.
--Storm Shadow also reveals that he is working as a member of Cobra to discover the true identity of the killer.
--Hawk & Stalker recruit Snake-Eyes for the GI Joe team from his cabin in the High Sierras.
--Scarlett's first meeting with Snake-Eyes.
--The desert mission where Snake-Eyes is disfigured & rendered mute saving Scarlett's life.
--Scarlett's talks about her feelings of love for Snake-Eyes.

First appearance of Timber.

Major Players

The Joes: Snake-Eyes and Timber, Hawk, Stalker, Scarlett, Mutt and Junkyard, Torpedo, Tripwire
Additional Joe appearances: Steeler, Rock 'n Roll, Grunt, Wild Bill, Clutch.

Cobra: Destro, Zartan, Baroness, Cobra Commander, Firefly, Wild Weasel, and Storm Shadow.

Additional Characters: Soft Master

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Frank Springer,
Inks: Andy Mushynsky,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Coloring: George Roussos,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and Bob Wiacek

Full Details

The two storylines from #26, the chase in the Everglades and the story of Snake-Eyes, are continued.

When we last left Destro, Baroness, Zartan, and Cobra Commander, Junkyard had led them into a pit of quicksand. They are eventually able to get out and continue the pursuit of Torpedo, Tripwire, and Mutt, who were in turn chasing after their escaped prisoners, Firefly and Wild Weasel. Firefly builds a trap to ensnare his pursuers, only to have Junkyard set it off. The Cobras eventually group back together and continue to chase the Joes, only to find out that they have disappeared into the swamp. That is when Zartan utters his line, "Time to call out the Dreadnoks".

As the story of Snake-Eyes' background continues, Hawk reveals that after he told Snake-Eyes about his family's death, he hadn't heard from him for six years. When he and Stalker were putting the GI Joe team together, they decided to track Snake-Eyes down. They found that he had retired to the seclusion of a cabin in the High Sierras where was living with his pet wolf, Timber and catching rabbits with his bare hands. They talked him into coming with them and joining the GI Joe team.

Scarlett first met Snake-Eyes when the three returned to headquarters. She was putting the new recruits through their paces in hand-to-hand combat drills. When she fought Snake-Eyes, she could tell how good he was, because he let her win. He was so good, he didn't have anything to prove. Scarlett and Snake-Eyes became friends, more than friends in Scarlett's mind. She was slowly falling in love with him as a friendship grew.

Months later, the team was split into two helicopters on the way to a hostage rescue, they were flying low and kicking up a lot of sand. The chopper she and Snake-Eyes were in had a tail-rotor stall as it had to much sand sucked into its intake which stalled the engine. As the their helicopter spun towards the ground, she was snagged in the chopper door. Their helicopter lost control. Snake-Eyes went to help her, but the Huey was hit by the rotors of another helicopter. The aviation gas exploded, causing a stream of burning vapor to slam into Snake-Eyes' face directly through the window. The resulting explosion hit Snake-Eyes directly in the face and throat. The wounds were so great that his face was permanently scarred and he could no longer speak.

In Spanish Harlem, Snake-Eyes having a conversation with the Soft Master in New York. The Soft Master reveals that he is investigating the death of the Hard Master (See Issue #26). He wants to know why the Hard Master denied on his deathbed that the killer was not Storm Shadow, despite evidence to the contrary. One bit of evidence is the killing arrow, which came from Storm Shadow's personal supply. As he is telling this to Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow crashes through the window and takes the arrow from the Soft Master.

Thus starts a foot chase of Storm Shadow by Snake-Eyes through the streets of New York. The chase ends in a face-off with knives on top of a subway car speeding along its rails. Storm Shadow, whose back is to the oncoming tunnel, tells Snake-Eyes, that he loves him like a brother, but won't let him stop him (Storm Shadow) from doing what he has to do, he will kill him if necessary. Snake-Eyes allows Storm Shadow to leap at him, moving him out of danger from the upcoming tunnel, saving his life. The Cobra ninja realizes that his former friend has repaid his life debt to him, and leaves in peace. But Storm Shadow tells him what his important task is. He reveals that the only reason he is a member of Cobra is because he knows that someone in Cobra was the actual killer of the Hard Master. He has spent years working his way up in Cobra to find out his identity and someday avenge his uncle's death.

At the Pit, Scarlett hears the police report of a fight between a masked man with an uzi and a ninja in white. She immediately leaves to go try and help.

Summary By Jeff Edburg and Steve Wagnon Edited by Josh Eggebeen


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