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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: June 1984
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 24

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Cobra Commander escapes from a portable fortress in the Rockies, with some help from Storm Shadow ends up getting captured.

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Notes of Interest

First appearance of the Firefly and Wild Weasel.

First appearance of Zartan, but only a cameo.

Major Players

The Joes: Duke, Roadblock, Grunt, Gung-Ho, Rock 'n' Roll
Additional Joe appearances: Ace, Airborne, Wild Bill

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro, Major Bludd, Baroness, Firefly, Wild Weasel, Zartan

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Art: Russ Heath,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and John R. Beatty

The art was done by noted military artist Russ Heath, who also did character designs for the animated series.

Full Details

A group of Joes guarding Cobra Commander have parachuted onto a park range in the Rocky Mountains. They have their supplies dropped to them from a C-130 cargo plain. These supplies come in large crates, one marked as the pre-fab fortress, the other unmarked. Cobra Commander does not see how any sort of protection can be supplied at this site. Duke reassures him that after the Commander helps them put together the fortress, they will be just fine.

Major Bludd and the Baroness return to Cobra's headquarters. Destro realizes that if they are to take control of Cobra, both the Commander and the unquestionably loyal Storm Shadow must die. Major Bludd reveals that he planted a homing device on Storm Shadow's sword handle, and the Baroness plans to send Wild Weasel and Firefly to go kill him. However, the ninja is already on his way to rescue Cobra Commander. By calculating the C-130 cargo plane's flight range, and using Cobra spy satellites, Storm Shadow has found the Commander in the Rocky Mountains.

At the pre-fab fortress, Cobra Commander reveals some of his helmet's features. These include an opening straw hole to drink from, and a lining of plastic explosive. He does not reveal the short-range radio receiver built into it, which keeps him in contact with Storm Shadow. The cobra ninja tells the Commander that he is on his way, and to have the Joes take him outside for some "fresh air." The Joes grant his request, only to be ambushed by Storm Shadow flying a C.L.A.W. He carries the Commander away, but the jetpack is damaged by Roadblock's fine shooting. The Cobras must land, since the C.L.A.W. only has enough fuel left to carry one person back to the Cobra cargo plane. Storm Shadow is left to fend for himself. Duke reveals the unmarked crate to be holding a Sky Hawk, and takes off after the C.L.A.W. Gung-Ho and Roadblock go after the ninja, but Gung-Ho gets slashed in the process. Roadblock manages to beat up Storm Shadow. Two F.A.N.G. helicopters are launched from the Cobra cargo plane flying overhead.

They are easily taken out by the Sky Hawk. However, the C.L.A.W. makes it back up to the cargo plane, and the Sky Hawk does not have enough ammo left to stop it. The Joes find a mailing receipt on Storm Shadow, addressed to Chokoloskee, Florida. Unknown the Joes, Wild Weasel and Firefly have followed Storm Shadow's homing beacon to Chokoloskee, mailed specifically to the lair of Zartan.

By Jeff Edburg


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