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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: May 1984
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 23

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Cobra Commander is captured in Switzerland, of all places, where Major Bludd has taken the Baroness for corrective plastic surgery.

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Notes of Interest

Cobra Commander gets captured.
The Baroness finally recovers from her injuries suffered in issue #16. She also gets her costume that we recognize from her action figure.
We happily get to see just how finicky Roadblock is about food.

Major Players

The Joes: Snow Job, Duke, Roadblock, Clutch, Cover Girl, Breaker, Gung-Ho,

Cobra: Destro, Major Bludd, Baroness, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Breakdowns: Mike Vosburg,
Finishes: D'Agosino & Tartag,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Michael Golden

Full Details

The Joe team has found Major Bludd and the Baroness hiding out in a small mountain town along the Italian/Swiss border. Snow Job keeps track of them in their hotel from the mountains. Duke and Roadblock watch them from a restaurant across the street. Roadblock is appalled at the chef's sorbet citron. Clutch and Cover Girl stand ready in a Porsche parked nearby. Major Bludd walks out and catches a cab. Clutch and Cover Girl follow him to a telegraph office, where Bludd makes a call to Cobra Commander. The Major threatens to tell Destro of the Commander's plot to kill him unless he is paid two million dollars in a gucci suitcase. He insists that it be paid to him, in Italy, by the Commander himself. The furious Cobra leader is forced to comply. At the Bern Institute of Reconstructive Surgery, the Baroness appears with a new face, and a new costume.

The Joes follow the two Cobras to Lucca, Italy. Roadblock is much more impressed with the cooking in this Italian town. Due to the town's annual costume festival, Cobra Commander and his bodyguard walk right by the Joes, looking rather indistinct. Major Bludd and the Baroness drive to the town, their henchmen locked in a car-chase shootout with Clutch and Cover Girl. Duke and Roadblock attack them as they drive in, but they escape to meet with Cobra Commander. The Commander's guard reveals himself to be Storm Shadow in disguise, who easily wipes out Bludd's henchmen. The Cobras threaten each other, with Storm Shadow holding a sword at Major Bludd, and the Baroness holding a gun at Cobra Commander. The Joes attack, but the Baroness and Commander escape in a limousine. Storm Shadow and the Major escape on a parade float, and the Joes follow in the Porsche and a VAMP. The chase goes along the mountain road, but with some crazy downhill driving by Clutch, the Joes cut-off the limousine. Nevertheless, three of the Cobras escape on the parade float, abandoning Cobra Commander. The story ends with him standing between Clutch and Roadblock with his hands in the air.

By Jeff Edburg


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The Mark Jeweler jewelry insert was released in many Marvel comics throughout the late 1970s til the late 1990s. What is pictured here is the actual insert included in Marvel #23. To read about the history of the Mark Jeweler insert follow the link - Marvel Mark Jewelers Inserts Part 3 - The Slick Number Era - May 1978 - September 1986