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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: August 1982
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 2

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The Joes try to recover an alpha-wave fear generator from a Russian campsite.

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Notes of Interest

First appearance of Kwinn. The personal interests of some of the G.I. Joe members are spotlighted in this story: Stalker is shown photographing wildlife, Breaker plays with the high-tech computers at MIT, Scarlett competes in a martial arts tournament, and Snake-Eyes takes a time out in a Total Sensory Deprivation unit. Stalker uses his trademark curse "Dag!" for the first time in this story.

This story features the first reference to Snake-Eyes' facial disfigurment.

Major Players

The Joes: Stalker, Breaker, Scarlett, and Snake-Eyes.

Additional characters: Kwinn the Eskimo.

Creative Team

Scripter: Larry Hama,
Penciler: Don Perlin,
Inker: Jack Abel,
Letterer: Jim Novak,
Colorist: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Tom DeFalco,
Cover Penciler: Herb Trimpe and Jack Abe

Full Details

Several Joes are called in to investigate an Alaskan research station whose personnel were slaughtered by some unknown enemy. They follow an unknown man to a Russian research station where they discover the scientists there have frozen and the man has wired the station to explode. They learn the man is a freelance special operative named Kwinn and confront him, only to be defeated and lose their weapons. Kwinn then explains that the Russians were trying to beam "fear waves" into the U.S. to induce mass paranoia, but it back-fired and their own paranoia caused them to kill the Americans. When their heater broke down, they were too far gone to fix it, and Kwinn was hired to retrieve data and destroy the evidence. Kwinn goes to deliver the data to the Russians, and the Joes ambush him again, but discover he has added the firing pins from their guns to his weasel skull necklace "as a charm against death by gunfire."

Kwinn disagrees with the Russians, but his strong personal convictions insure that he must fulfill the contract. He arrives to the Russians with the news that the Joes are not far behind, but without firing pins. He then tells them that he left his necklace in a cairn "as an offering to the spirits of ice and snow that fear might vanish from the world." Needless to say, the Joes find the necklace, and to some degree, Kwinn's prayer is answered.

By Edward Mundy