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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1983
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 18

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The Joes, Destro, Snake-Eyes, and Kwinn all converge on the hide-out of the Cobra officer known as Scar-Face, who is eventually captured by the Joes.

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Notes of Interest

First appearance of the M.A.N.T.A..

Dr. Venom's plague toxin finally goes to work. Cobra actually wins!

Major Players

The Joes: Hawk, Scarlett, Stalker, Clutch, Rock 'n' Roll, Torpedo, Airborne, Wild Bill, Grunt, Flash, Ace, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Destro, Scarface, Dr. Venom

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Breakdowns: Mike Vosburg,
Finishes: Jon D'Agostino,
Letters: Edward Norton,
Colors: George Roussos,
Editor: Dennis J. O'Neil,
Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Denny O'Neil

Full Details

The Joes, Destro, and Snake Eyes and Kwinn all head for Coney Island looking for one thing: Scarface. The Joes think it may be a Cobra trap, but a letter from Snake Eyes reassures them that it's not. He'll meet them there. Snake Eyes and Kwinn get there first. All Kwinn wants is to know where Dr. Venom is. Scarface gives him the information, and then Kwinn lets him go.

Destro and the Joes fight it out trying to get to Scarface, and Snake Eyes and Kwinn vanish. A car-chase ensues, with Scarface driving a pink Cadillac, Destro driving an ice-cream truck and the Joes in their A.P.C.. Destro captures Scarface, high-jacks a plane and takes off for Libya. The Joes soon follow in their cargo plane.

In Libya, Destro brings Scarface to Dr. Venom, who injects him with his secret time-bomb plague toxin. The Cobra leaders secretly want the Joes to now capture Scarface and take him to their headquarters, where they hope the plague will kill off all of the Joes. In the desert, the Joes find a Cobra vehicle convoy and sneak into it on their V.A.M.P. through a giant cloud of dust. They find Scarface on a H.I.S.S. tank and grab him. After a small skirmish, the Joes escape thinking that they have won, now that they have Scarface. Cobra has no problems with that.

By Jeff Edburg


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The Mark Jeweler jewelry insert was released in many Marvel comics throughout the late 1970s til the late 1980s. What is pictured here is the actual insert included in Marvel #18. To read about the history of the Mark Jeweler insert follow the link - Marvel Mark Jewelers Inserts Part 3 - The Slick Number Era - May 1978 - September 1986