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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: October 1983
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 16

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The US forces are protecting the Capitol building in Washington DC, when Cobra's actual target is the US Treasury. As the battle rages at the Treasury with GI Joe, the Baroness crashes her HISS tank to avoid Major Bludd shooting Destro. Her tank explodes with her in it. Hawk is shot in the back by Cobra Commander.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance: Cover Girl, Tripwire

The Baroness is blown up in her HISS tank saving Destro.

Hawk is shot in back by Cobra Commander.

Major Players

The Joes: Airborne, Breaker, Clutch, Cover Girl, Gung-Ho, Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Tripwire, Torpedo, Wild Bill, Zap
Additional Joe Appearances: General Flagg, Steeler

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Venom, Major Bludd, Scarface

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Mike Vosburg,
Inks: Jon D'Agostino,
Letters: Joe Rosen,
Colors: Andy Yanchus,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor In Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Vosburg and Jon D'Agostino

Full Details

At a GI Joe training exercise, Cover Girl and Tripwire are introduced as the newest Joes, as well as the new missile tank, Wolverine.

At a Cobra dinner, Cobra Commander introduces Major Bludd. Present at the dinner are Destro, Baroness, Dr. Venom and Scarface. Each has their own plan for Cobra as an organization. Destro wants to take over just to prove his love to the Baroness. The Baroness is trying to take advantage of any opportunity that comes her way. Dr. Venom is determined to finish his plague toxin which will cause lots of death. Major Bludd's hired to kill Destro by Cobra Commander. And finally Scarface, who is also in the middle, just wants to get out.

The Joes have figured out Cobra's next plan, that plan is to poison America's money at the US Treasury, by inserting a plague toxin into the ink used to print America's dollar bills. This toxin will kill anyone who touches these bills, millions could die. Hawk tells General Flagg this plan but Flagg has received different information. His information says that Cobra is going to attack the US Capitol, not the US Treasury. The regular military are going to be protecting the US Capitol, and the Joes are left to guard the US Treasury.

As Cobra begins its assault on Washington DC with an apparent air assault, General Flagg calls for all the forces to defend the Capitol. Over at the Treasury, several 18 wheelers pull up. These trucks hold Cobra's high command and additional HISS tanks which are used to attack the Treasury. GI Joe has several members stationed around the Treasury, including Cover Girl and her Wolverine which is hidden inside a garbage truck. Scarface and Dr. Venom with a small force are sent inside the Treasury to put the plague toxin into the ink.

Over at the Capitol, Cobra's air assault turns out to be a fake planes and parachutes. Hawk leaves the Capitol to head to the Treasury where the real assault is happening.

As the battle outside the Treasury heats up. Cobra Commander drives as Destro operates the turret of one HISS tank, and the Baroness drives another with Major Bludd on her HISS tank's turret.

Inside the Treasury, Gung-Ho, Tripwire and Torpedo are fighting Dr. Venom's squad. Dr. Venom places the toxin in the ink and then sets a charge to blow up part of the Treasury as a cover up. As Dr. Venom is escaping he shoots his own men and knocks out Scarface. Gung-Ho goes to secure Scarface who frees himself and runs off, later that night to get on a bus to Coney Island. Tripwire is able to disarm the bomb. The Joe team is able to stop the ink from infecting the bills. Cobra Commander's tank busts through the wall and collects Dr. Venom.

With support from Wild Bill and Airbourne in the Dragonfly helicopter, the Wolverine has been able to take out several HISS tanks. As Cobra Commander and the Baroness drive there tanks parallel to each other in an attempt to destroy the Wolverine. Cobra Commander orders Major Bludd to turn his turret and shoot Destro. The Baroness sees that Major Bludd has now targeted Destro, and in order to save him she crashes the HISS tank she is driving. Major Bludd is able to escape but the Baroness is trapped in the tank as it explodes.

Back on Cobra Commander's tank, he is able to destroy the Wolverine and begins his escape. Destro has just seen his love blown up in a tank. His will to fight is gone. Dr. Venom starts driving and Cobra Commander takes over the turret from Destro. Hawk, Clutch and Scarlett arrive from the Capitol just as the Commander is getting away. Hawk jumps on the HISS tank, he and Destro start fist fighting and Cobra Commander pulls his gun. The Commander has a few moments to decide who he should shoot, Hawk or Destro. He chooses Hawk, and then shoots him three times in the back. Scarlett and Clutch rush to Hawk to see if he is alive.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


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