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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: October 1994
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 153

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Scarlett vs. the biggest, baddest, Battle Android Trooper ever!

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Notes of Interest

Written by Peter Quinones, a rare non-Larry Hama written issue.

First appearance of Dr. Cassandra Knox.

Includes a pin-up of Dusty.

The title "Shadow of the B.A.T." is an allusion to the contemporaneously published Batman comic.

Major Players

Joes: Scarlett

Cobra: Dr. Cassandra Knox

Creative Team

Plot: Eric Fein,
Script: Peter Quinones,
Art: William Rosado,
Inks: Jack Snider,
Coloring: Chi,
Lettering: Vickie Williams,
Editor: Mike Lackey,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: L-Man and Garzón

Full Details

Cobra Agent Knox prepares the latest upgrade of the B.A.T. and plans to send it after Scarlett. The B.A.T. is able to track someone by brainwave patterns, and Knox intends to sell the technology to Cobra after it proves it's worth. Scarlett is walking down the street, and runs into someone who looks quite similar to her (Brenda), when she is spotted by a Cobra agent.

Knox dispatches the B.A.T. from a helicopter, and it begins it's pursuit of Scarlett. The B.A.T. destroys Scarlett's gun, and she leads it into a construction site. Scarlett finally damages the B.A.T.'s tracking system, and the B.A.T. attacks Brenda, who is visiting the construction site to meet her husband. Scarlett backs into the B.A.T. with a garbage truck, and is able to use that to smash the B.A.T.

Brenda is ungrateful for being saved, and Scarlett retrieves the B.A.T.'s head for analysis while she hopes for a vacation for herself and Snake-Eyes.