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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: March 1993
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 134

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The Joes trash the BAT factory and Firefly finds himself on the angry end of a now un-brainwashed Slice and Dice.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

Joes: Lady Jaye, Duke, Roadblock, Snake Eyes,

Cobra: Slice, Dice, Firefly.

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Breakdowns: Andrew Wildman,
Finishes: Stephen Baskerville,
Letters: Rick Parker,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Editor: David Wohl,
Editor In Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Andrew Wildman

Full Details

Snake Eyes is able to defeat the Scorpion tactic used by Firefly by attacking the tail, knocking Firefly to the ground.

Duke, Roadblock and Lady Jaye fight another squad of B.A.T.s, gaining entrance to the citadel. Firefly alerts Slice and Dice that the Joes have breached the perimeter, and orders them back to attack.

Snake Eyes escapes into the armory, and Duke's team stumbles onto a B.A.T. assembly line. Slice and Dice corner the Joes in the B.A.T. construction plant. Slice activates the newly built B.A.T.s to attack the Joes.

Snake Eyes defeats some Red Ninjas in the armory, and comes face to face with Firefly. Firefly decides to telecast the fight to everyone in the citadel. Snake Eyes performs the Arashikage mind set, which frees Slice, Dice, and the Red Ninjas from Firefly's control.

Slice de-activates the B.A.T.s, freeing the Joes. Slice, Dice and the Red Ninjas go to deal some payback to Firefly for the brainwashing, so Snake Eyes leaves Firefly and turns off the monitors.