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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: February 1992
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 133

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It's Snake-Eyes vs. Firefly and the Red Ninjas as the rest of the Joes recycle some BATs.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

Joes: Lady Jaye, Duke, Roadblock, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Firefly, Dice

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Breakdowns: Andrew Wildman,
Finishes: Stephen Baskerville,
Letters: Rick Parker,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Editor: David Wohl,
Editor In Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Andrew Wildman

Full Details

The Joes run into another B.A.T. on Cobra Island, but Snake Eyes defeats it easily. Duke realizes that Cobra and Firefly have had a falling out.

Firefly and his ninjas hide within the citadel, waiting to attack the Joes.

Duke sends Snake Eyes into the citadel alone. Snake Eyes fights his way through another B.A.T. and a few ninjas before he makes it into the room where Firefly is waiting to attack. Firefly, Slice, Dice, and some ninjas are hiding beneath the floorboards directly under Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes senses them, and drives his sword through the floor into Slice's hand. When Snake Eyes finds blood on his sword, he unlocks the safety on his Uzi, prompting Firefly to attack.

Snake Eyes uses his Uzi to signal the Joes that he needs help. Firefly sends Slice and Dice to deal with Roadblock, Lady Jaye, and Duke with some B.A.T.s. Duke throws a smoke grenade, and in the confusion his team hides underwater, evading detection from the B.A.T.s. Slice and Dice head past them into the swamp.

Meanwhile, in the citadel, Firefly forms the Scorpion with some Red Ninjas. The Scorpion was a secret battle tactic of the Arashikage clan.