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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: June 1983
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 12

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The Joes attempt to gain information about a Cobra operation in the fictional South American country of Sierra Gordo.

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Notes of Interest

Kwinn returns.

Snake Eyes suffers yet again another injury.

Major Players

The Joes: Scarlett, Clutch, Breaker, General Flagg, Hawk, Stalker, Snake Eyes, Gung Ho

Cobra: Baroness, Dr. Venom, Scarface(Cobra Courier)

Additional characters: Kwinn

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Mike Vosberg,
Inks: Jon D'Agostino,
Letterer: Joe Rosen,
Colors: Glynis Wein,
Editor: Denny O'Neill,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Vosberg

Full Details

This issue opens with Scarlett, Clutch and Breaker in the VAMP chasing down Cobra operatives in a van carrying MX Missile guidance chips in a van with the business front of Naja Hanna Video Corp through the streets of San Francisco. The chase continues through the streets with exchange of gunfire between the Joes and the Cobra operatives. An unsuspecting civilian, in his car, haphazardly places himself in the path of the oncoming Cobra van subsequently has his car ripped to shreds as the van then the VAMP tear right through it. After continuing the chase a few more blocks, another unsuspecting motorist falls victim to the same fate as the last. An elderly couple is arguing in their vehicle when they comment on a "backfire" which is actually gunfire as the Joes and Cobras approach them. The driver of the van realizes that the car is not going to move in time, the elderly couple bails out as the van struck them dead-on destroying both vehicles, killing all but one of the Cobra operatives, Scarface. Scarface makes a break for it after leaping from the moving van. Scarlett spots Scarface and Breaker gives chase until he finally catches up with Scarface around the corner on a pier. Scarface breaks loose striking Breaker with his briefcase. Breaker falls backward into a couple of bikers who proceed to beat the daylights out of Breaker. Scarlett and Clutch show up and Scarlett attends to Breaker as she warns the bikers to back off. Not heeding her warning, she fires a precise shot at one of the biker's earrings breaking it off, and of course, they do back away. Clutch continues to chase Scarface commenting about CC being upset about the loss of the computer chips in the exploded van. Scarface retorts asking Clutch if he really thinks that this is all about computer chips. Scarface stops, turns and fires his pistol at Clutch who takes a graze wound to his left knee. The three Joes regroup and inspect the rubble from the van explosion discovering that pieces of the crates that held the computer chips have an address for the Naja Hanna Corporation on the side, with the package going to the attention of a Senor K. Winn, in South America. Breaker comments on the oddity of having missile guidance chips hidden in video game circuits.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., General Flagg and Hawk are meeting and comment to each other about the state of the world regarding computer chips and how spies are flocking to the Silicon Valley in search of new technology to steal. General Flagg directs a man to bring up on the computer screen a video feed from San Francisco. The video shows pieces of the packing crate the Joes had found in California. Gen. Flagg states that it had stolen computer chips in it and was on its way to South America. Hawk says that Sierra Gordo (location on packing crate) could get hostile in the near future and recommends a four-man team to check it out. Hawk selects Breaker, Stalker, Gung Ho and Snake Eyes. The soldier manning the computer station also points out that the word Naja Hanna means king cobra in Hindi.

The very next day in the town of Rio Lindo located in Sierra Gordo, Stalker and Breaker undercover track down the location of the Naja Hanna Corp.; they walk up and knock on the door while from a distance Snake Eyes and Gung Ho keep watch as backup. As the door opens up, who should answer but none other than Dr. Venom. Stalker tries to solicit some "video games" for money and Dr. Venom accepts him in. Through the binoculars Snake Eyes recognizes Dr. Venom and has a flashback of when he was in Springfield (GIJoe #10) and Dr. Venom subjected him to the brainwave scanner. Snake Eyes immediately leaps from the tree and starts toward the little town. Gung Ho, taken by surprise at Snake Eyes' actions takes off after him. As they run into town Gung Ho accidentally runs into a man wearing a serape who after falls down, is recognized as Scarface. Scarface runs away and Snake Eyes keeps Gung Ho from giving chase. Inside the house, Dr. Venom tells Stalker that he cannot sell him any video games for lack of "inventory". Stalker, not buying into it, all but gives up his cover by saying that he knows for sure that there was a shipment received there less than a month ago. Dr. Venom finds it interesting that Stalker would have that information and says that the only way Stalker could know is if he was working for Cobra of GIJoe, and Dr. Venom was sure that Stalker wasn't a Cobra employee, he snaps his fingers, which brings out Cobra troops out of the closet. Breaker and Stalker take cover behind a felled table and begin to exchange fire with the Cobras. Dr. Venom calls for a heavy machine gun, and just as the machine gunners come down the hallway, Snake Eyes leaps out a kills the gunners. Gung Ho comes in through the back door forcing Cobra to surrender. As they proceed out, Kwinn the Eskimo enters and disarms Gung Ho, Stalker and Breaker by firing his .30 cal Browning machine gun. Having chosen not to disarm Snake Eyes he comments on Snake Eyes' hesitation to shoot him due to the fact that Kwinn spared Snake Eyes' life in the arctic back in GIJoe #2, and comments on the fact that Kwinn didn't disarm Snake Eyes due to the fact that he knows that Snake Eyes' Uzi is out of ammunition. Snake Eyes surrenders his weapon.

Breaker, Stalker and Gung Ho are bound and taken to a boat. Snake Eyes is bound and placed inside the house after Dr. Venom takes revenge on him by pistol-whipping Snake Eyes. Kwinn stops Venom asking him how he questions someone who cannot speak. A Cobra troop checks Snake Eyes and says that his pulse and respirations have stopped. The house is lit on fire and the boat with their Joe prisoners departs along with Venom and Kwinn. The fire is intended to destroy the records of the Naja Hanna Corp as well as Snake Eyes. Venom reminisces about the smoke rising from an Asian temple as he watches the house burn commenting that it looked similar to the temple that Snake Eyes studied in, including studies of how to control breathing and heartbeat. Dr. Venom cries out "He Lives".

Snake Eyes, on fire, manages to kick his way out of the burning house and runs towards the water with a group of locals looking on in awe. He dives into the water, and never surfaces. On the boat Kwinn states that once the chips are loaded onto the plane his contract with Cobra will cease. At the stern of the boat, the bound Joes use the rats on the boat to chew through their ropes after having coated them with Breaker's chewing gum. Down the river, a boat sputters along only to have the operator


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