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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: May 1991
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 112

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The armored team led by Flint has been captured by Faoud, a resistance leader who intends to use them to attack Cobra. The GIJOE ninja team is on a covert intelligence gathering mission. Stalker leads a recon mission with a rookie Joe called Cool Breeze on his team.

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Notes of Interest

Death of the SAW Viper by Snake-Eyes.

Introduction and death of Cool Breeze.

Death of Faoud.

Major Players

Joes: Dusty, Lady Jaye, Flint, Roadblock, Armadillo, Hawk, Scarlett, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Jinx, Sneak Peak, Cool Breeze, Stalker, Ambush, Recoil, Duke, Roadblock, Cross Country

Cobras: Tomax, Xamot, Cobra Commander, S.A.W. Viper, Night Creepers

Other: Faoud

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: John Statema,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Lee Weeks

Full Details

The ninja team of Snake eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, and Jinx has gathered information on the placement of Cobra equipment and personnel. Snake eyes is about to compromise the mission. He has his sights set on the SAW viper below him. The SAW viper is boasting and acting very arrogantly, a woman at his side a bottle in his hand and cracking jokes. He demonstrates his shooting skills by shooting the bottles on the bar. Scarlett convinces Snake eyes that he has to wait, the mission comes first.

The Recon team watches as these events unfold. Then the ninjas head out, however Sneak Peak notices that the Night Creepers are on patrol and are right behind them. Cool Breeze makes light of the situation saying the ninjas are more than capable of handling it, he too is cracking jokes. Stalker points out to him that the ninja team isn't at 100 percent and that Flint's team is out of radio contact having missed several radio checks.

Flint meanwhile is talking to the leader of the resistance Faoud, who explains to Flint he isn't after democracy, but power for himself. The hijacked armored column moves into position to attack targets in the city of Benzheen. Flint and Lady Jaye discuss the situation quietly. Faoud notices and escalates his threats by putting his pistol to Lady Jaye's temple. He reveals his plan for his men to fire flares within the city to show the position of the targets.

Unbeknownst to Faoud the ninja team has spotted his men. They stop to assess the situation not knowing the Night Creepers are right behind them. Back with the recon support team Cool Breeze suggests that they break radio silence to warn them. Stalker points out the Night Creepers have radio equipment that would hear that conversation. In return Cool Breeze mentions that they have a jammer and could block the Creepers transmissions to aid the ninja team. Stalker orders Recoil to start jamming, Recoil begins to protest but Stalker insists, realizing the true gravity of the situation.

The ninja team sees the Night Creepers, who try to call and inform Cobra commander but cant because they are being jammed. The ninja team eliminates the Creepers quickly. Cool Breeze is triumphant his plan has worked; he even goes so far as to say he deserves a medal. Stalker soon sets him straight, because they used the jammer now the recon team has to reveal themselves to provide a reason for the jamming so the ninja's mission isn't blown.

Tomax and Xamot learn of the communications lapse and are about to tell Cobra Commander when the SAW viper, drunk, shows up and volunteers himself to go after whoever is out there.

In the meantime the ninjas take out one of Faoud's units but there are many more. A helicopter approaches them; Storm Shadow orders the others to throw their weapons off the roof. The recon support team leaves a clear trail to show their presence. They are about to start jamming again when the missing armor team rolls by. They are way out of position making Stalker realize something is amiss.

The SAW viper seeing the team on the roof unarmed thinks it will be easy pickings. Instead of shooting from the safety of the air he orders the pilot to drop to the roof... he wants to see their faces. As soon as the chopper lands Snake eyes and Storm Shadow jump on board.

Faoud's men at the other sites launch their flares. Faoud orders the Joes to fire on the lit up targets still holding Lady Jaye at gunpoint. Flint is about to reluctantly give the order to fire, when Stalker and his team show up. They stop Faoud's men and Stalker captures Faoud. A Cobra helicopter approaches. Cool Breeze rips off his dog tags hands them to stalker and offers himself as a diversion. He grabs the jammer; he wants to make amends for his earlier mistake. He runs off towards the chopper and starts the jammer. Very lucky for him it is the ninja team on board. His cockiness returns when the team gives him an ego boost by telling him he must be one bad dude. When they learn that the ninjas have been successful the newly liberated armored team picks them up. Stalker is helping Cool Breeze into the moving Hammer, when Faoud slips his pistol off Stalker's belt. Cool Breeze grabs the pistol and takes the bullet. Snake Eyes shoots Faoud in turn. It is too late however Cool Breeze is badly wounded.

Back at the desert base, an empty boot ceremony is about to take place. The Joes arrive; Stalker gives Hawk Cool Breeze's dog tags. He died on the way back; he calls him a real Joe for what he did.

Snake Eyes tosses down the SAW vipers machine gun and we know that as Storm Shadow says, they got some payback; for what its worth.

Summary by Ted Jacobson