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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: September 1990
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 104

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Storm Shadow puts Snake-Eyes into a ninja trance before sending him into Borovia to rescue a government agent that was also Snake-Eyes' late sister's fiancee. Meanwhile, a revolution is in progress in Borovia, Stalker and Storm Shadow are captured by the Jugglers, and Scarlett comes out of her coma.

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Notes of Interest

The return of the White Clown & Orlovsky the Dwarf.

Major Players

Joes: Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Hawk, Storm Shadow, Stalker, Muskrat, Lady Jaye, Flint, Roadblock,

Cobra: Major Bludd

Other: Metz, Sioban O'Hara (Scarlett's sister), General Crowther(Jugglers), White Clown, Orlovsky the Dwarf, George Strawhacker(picture only), Tucaros, Anibal,

Oktober Guard: Daina, Dragonsky, Lt. Gorky, Sgt. Misha

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: M.D. Bright,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Letters: Rick Parker,
Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Color: Bob Sharen,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Lee Weeks

Full Details

Snake Eyes parachutes into Borovia. He lands in the middle of an uprising where a statue is torn down. Metz, a resistance leader, is giving a speech and some local Special Police are about to shoot him down. They fire into the square. Snake Eyes enters the room through a window. As he is in an Arashikage mindset the police have no chance. They think they have won when Snake Eyes runs out of ammo but soon learn otherwise. A few rebels storm the building to go to his aid. A couple bodies are tossed out the window and land in front of Metz. The rebels and Metz enter the room only to find dead security police. Metz calls out to a man in a trench coat that may have seen the one who did this but gets no answer.

Scarlett is asking for Snake eyes and her sister Sioban is at her bedside. Scarlett tells her that none of this was needed, if she wanted the house in Atlanta she would have gladly signed it over to her. Realizing her mistake Sioban leaves the room, tears in her eyes. Hawk enters the room and Scarlett asks him to rescind the restraining order preventing her from seeing Snake Eyes. Hawk breaks the news to her about him being in Borovia.

At Rheinmain AFB in Frankfurt Germany. Stalker and Storm Shadow are climbing down from the B2 that inserted Snake eyes. Storm Shadow senses something targeting them but its too late a hail of tranquilizer darts hit them. They are hauled back up into the B2. General Crowther, a Juggler, boards the plane and tells Storm Shadow that his mission choice wasn't appreciated by those higher up than he. They have hired someone to stop Snake Eyes from completing the mission, Storm Shadow says it will do no good because of the mindset, and Crowther kicks the dazed ninja. He tells him that now he needs to keep the two Joes on ice so they don't attempt their own rescue mission, and just before he passes out Crowther tells Storm Shadow about how it is all in vain as Scarlett is now awake from her coma and is going to live.

Back in Borovia Metz is organizing an attack on the Secret Police HQ; he has been motivated by Snake Eyes' one man attack. The White Clown (issue 66) and Orlovsky watch as the building burns. This upsets the White Clown as the records that would tell the whereabouts of his beloved Magda are in that building.

Dressed as a man in a trench coat and hat Snake Eyes leaps over the barricades. Seeing his acrobatic skill the White Clown realizes that this man must be Snake Eyes who he knew from meeting before. He and Orlovsky follow him inside to help but it seems futile he really doesn't need it. They cover his back. The police surrender as soon as Snake Eyes breaches the room they are in. Concerned only with his mission he heads to the files not even paying attention to his compatriots the White Clown and Orlovsky. The two notice he is a changed man when Metz orders the police put to death and he does nothing. Orlovsky finds Magda's file as Snake Eyes finds Strawhackers. Seeing that they are both in the same Gulag the White Clown proposes they join forces but Snake Eyes doesn't answer. He is so focused on the mission because of the trance he is in. On the street he ignores the pleas of a young girl to save her father from the firing squad that Metz has ordered. He has done nothing but they are calling him a collaborator, the truth is he is a Lower Borovian and the shooting is a racist one. Snake Eyes, Orlovsky, and the White clown speed off in Metz's car as the firing squad does its duty. Metz is unconcerned however and just asks for them to get him a limo. Another man in a trench coat and hat arrives but he also has an eye patch. It is Major Bludd; he approaches Metz giving him the idea that a dead hero is easier to use than a live one.

In Sierra Gordo it looks as if the Joes and Tucaros are going to make it. The forest is just over the next ridge. Anibal, a Tucaro leader, points out that they are home free once they reach the forest. When they reach the ridge however a grim reality sets in as they see nothing but stumps and barren wasteland ahead of them.

Summary by Ted Jacobson