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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: May 1990
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 100

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Mutt and Spirit find themselves in the middle of the Cobra takeover of Millville. Zarana is on a mission to activate the brainwashing programming of Rock N Roll and Clutch. She is discovered by Dusty who sets off in pursuit of her in the Mean Dog with Wild Card and Steamroller participates in the fight as well.

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Notes of Interest

Roxy and Tiff make several references to science fiction films and Roxy is wearing a Star Trek hat

Wild Card breaks more stuff

Major Players

Joes: Mutt and Junkyard, Spirit, Clutch, Rock N Roll, Steamroller, Flint, Lady Jaye, Dusty, Muskrat, WildCard, Sci-Fi, Repeater, Doc, Psyche-Out, Skidmark

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Zarana,

Others: Roxy, Tiff, Uncle Jeff, Russ

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: MD Bright,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Ron Wagner and Bob McLeod

Full Details

Cobra Commander lands in Millville and floods the town with Cobra troops. Spirit and Mutt are buying groceries when they find Cobra Commander in the street outside the store. They beat a hasty retreat. Televipers take over the phone company. Cobra vipers attack and take over the police station, and Crimson Guardsmen impersonate the local police and set up roadblocks preventing people from entering or leaving. Mutt and Spirit try to use a payphone to contact Joe HQ but no luck all phones are dead. They head to Mutt's Uncle's neighbor who has a ham radio. Meanwhile the town desperate and downtrodden likes the words of prosperity that Cobra Commander offers up. A veteran, Russ, steps up and confronts the people who are trading freedom for security. His words go unheeded. Meanwhile Mutt and Spirit's attempt to use the ham radio fails as a Cobra Condor flies overhead jamming all radio waves. Mutt's Uncle has his own problems; his attempt at resistance and threat to call in his Nephew, a member of the Joe team, gets him put first in line to be brainwashed with the brainwave scanners. Cobra has set up several trailers and is systematically brainwashing the population.

At the Pit, Roxy and Tiff (issue 99) are being held as Flint and Lady Jaye contemplate calling their parents. When they can't get an outside line, they leave the two sci-fi buffs with Clutch and Rock N Roll. Flint and Lady Jaye head to the local gas station on a silver mirage to use his phone to call their parents. Clutch and Rock N Roll are faced with the dilemma that neither knows how to entertain two young girls. Clutch suggests taking them to the motor pool to work on lubing some knuckles. Roxy who apparently is getting a crush on Clutch sheepishly agrees that might be fun. Tiff teases her and tells her he is cute but way too old for her. Rock N Roll gets an idea and the quartet marches off.

Dusty and Muskrat, out on patrol, see Flint and Lady Jaye leave. Then they see something kicking up sand in the desert. They radio Steamroller who does a radar sweep and comes up with nothing. Dusty then wakes up WildCard in the Mean Dog to go investigate. Wildcard breaks the radio which doesn't matter it was jammed anyway.

Zarana is cruising along in a python stun as the python conquest flies overhead. Her plan is to activate the brainwashing of Clutch and Rock N Roll as soon as she is in range, making them go berserk deep inside the Pit. Her python televiper companion spies the Mean Dog in pursuit.

In the Pit Roxy and Tiff are bored as Rock N Roll has decided to take them to the armory. He tries to entertain them by asking "what do you think one of these could do to the brood mother?" (Alien). Clutch says those knuckles still need lubing.

Flint and Lady Jaye reach the gas station to find the owner tied up. When he says a lady with pink hair did it they know Zarana must be around. Lady Jaye tries to use the radio to warn the base only to get an earful of static. Realizing they are being jammed the two head back to the Pit. Dusty and Muskrat are in pursuit of Zarana, they are too late however and she activates the device to turn Clutch and Rock N Roll loose. Her mission now completed she orders a retreat and an air strike by the conquest.

Clutch and Rock N Roll no longer in control of their minds point their weapons at the two frightened kids. Roxy and Tiff fear they have been taken over by pod people. They chant "destroy..." "Kill".

The python conquest joins the fray in the desert and is targeting Muskrats head in the Mean Dog. Just as he approaches, Steamroller in the MCC flies out of the sand and fires disabling the python conquest. The pilot aims his fiery plane at the Mobile Command Center and ejects. The plane crashes into the large vehicle and Steamroller (now on foot) heads out to capture the pilot he mentions something about not stomping him too hard. Zarana continues to flee in the Python stun.

The Mean Dog follows Zarana but is badly damaged and losing speed. Zarana cackles as she knows once they are out of sight with their vehicle invisible to radar they are home free. All of them except her as the Televiper points out she isn't pythonized.

Flint and Lady Jaye show up in the silver mirage and take out the python stun. As they battle the occupants who have scattered, Zarana and the televiper watch from a safe perch. They listen in as their driver reveals the whole plot to activate the brainwashed Joes inside the Pit. The Televiper brags that he can easily get away as his suit is invisible to radar. After interrogating the driver, Lady Jaye heads back to the Pit Roxy and Tiff on her mind.

In Millville, Mutt and Spirit commandeer a HISS II tank. They find the veteran Russ tied up in the back; he was beaten by the townspeople for speaking out. He tells Mutt and Spirit how the trailers were being used to brainwash the citizens of Millville and how they were so desperate for change they easily turned on him and complied.

In the Pit Lady Jaye, Sci-Fi, and Repeater head to the armory. Sci-Fi blasts down the door. The girls scream don't shoot. Clutch and Rock N Roll are passed out cold on the floor. Tiff explains how they were so nice until they turned into pod people, they started yelling "kill, destroy" and then their eyes rolled up and they passed out.

Psyche Out now on the scene explains how their inner morality fought against the programming, and that internal conflict made them pass out.

Dusty and Skidmark take a Desert Fox and look for the remaining Cobras; they see something on radar and close in to find the Televiper in his underwear all tied up. Zarana runs away to fight another day a grin on her face as she watches the Televiper's capture.

In Millville Mutt, Spirit, and Russ drive the HISS to Uncle Jeff's not wanting to leave him behind. Junkyard chases a cat just outside the house. Spirit and Mutt enter the house only to find that Uncle Jeff has been waiting. Unfortunately he has been brainwashed and is waiting for them with a bunch of Cobra Vipers, who surround and capture the two Joes.

Summary by Ted Jacobson