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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: April 1983
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 10

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Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, and Zap are captured by the Baroness and brought to Springfield, Cobra's headquarters. There Snake-Eyes is subjected to the brainwave scanner that is run by Dr. Venom. Snake-Eyes past is revealed to Dr. Venom in his search for the GI Joe base. Scarlett and Zap are in a prison cell with a little boy, who helps them escape. They collect Snake-Eyes and escape from the town, the boy elects to stay behind.

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Notes of Interest

Springfield Vermont, Cobra's headquarters, first appearance. Brief history of creation Cobra.
Introduction of Billy, Cobra Commander's son.
First appearance of Dr. Venom & the brainwave scanner.
Snake-Eyes use of The Way of the Inner Anvil, a ninja ability to still your breath & heart beat to the semblance of death.
First hints of Snake-Eyes' complicated past.

Major Players

The Joes: Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Zap
Additional Joe Appearances: Breaker, Flash, Grand Slam (Grunt), Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Short-Fuse, Stalker, Steeler

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Dr. Venom
Additional Characters: Billy

Creative Team

Writer: Steven Grant
Penciler: Mike Vosburg
Inks: Chic Stone
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Christie Scheele
Editor: Denny O'Neil
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Mike Vosberg and Chris Stone

Full Details

In New York City, the Joe team is assaulting a building that is a Cobra stronghold. Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Zap are staged on the roof. When the Baroness collapses the roof the three of them are plunged into a cell and gassed. This cell is actually the interior of an airplane that then takes off for Springfield.

When Scarlett & Zap wake up they are on solid ground in another cell with a young boy, and Snake-Eyes is missing.

In the water Cobra has put hallucinations drugs, which gives Scarlett and Zap very weird dreams. The boy has figured out a way to fight the drugs by holding the water to a light bulb. Once Scarlett & Zap have a clear head they plan an escape. The guards enter the room to help the boy, they are then knocked out and uniforms taken. They escape out into Springfield looking for Snake-Eyes.

The boy begins to tell them some history of Cobra as they head to wear he is being held. When the "soap people" came to town they brought a pyramid marketing scheme that was based on sales. Slowly, all the town members became involved and profited from the schemes, the resisters simply disappeared as well as kids informed on their parents, secret backrooms where built, garages became storage places for tanks and kids recruited into service for Cobra. The boy is part of a small group of people who are anti-Cobra. Scarlett & Zap are lead to where Snake-Eyes is being held, Video World the town's arcade.

Meanwhile, the entire time Scarlett & Zap have been escaping, Snake-Eyes has been strapped into the brainwave scanner. The brainwave scanner is a machine that reads the brain patterns and projects them to a monitor showing what the individual is thinking. Dr. Venom is in charge, and trying to figure out where the GI Joe base is located. He keeps asking Snake-Eyes where the base is, the brainwave scanner is very painful when a person doesn't cooperate. And Snake-Eyes is completely resisting. In order for Snake-Eyes to prevent himself from giving away the base he begins to think of things from his past. Dr. Venom is able to see these memories and see that Snake-Eyes has lead a very painful life. The series of memories that Snake-Eyes uses to block the brainwave scanner: his first job at a gas station, prom night and his date, the helicopter accident in which his face was burned and lost his voice, the last flight out of Saigon, a newspaper article about a family dying in a flaming car wreck, a funeral, several moments inside the GI Joe base, and finally a hooded ninja in Japan teaching him the Way of the Inner Anvil. Then Snake-Eyes' heart stops and he flat lines on the monitoring equipment. The brainwave scanner has killed him or so Dr. Venom thinks. Snake-Eyes had been trained as a ninja and has the ability to actually slow his heart beat and breath down to the level of appearing dead. As soon as he is free, he wakes up and knocks out Dr. Venom, and escapes up into Video World.

Snake-Eyes timing couldn't have been more perfect, Zap & Scarlett with the boy are being cornered. The boy was recognized as being anti-Cobra. The team reunited now, then makes it way to the airfield, where they capture the same craft that flew them from New York. The pilot takes off and half way through the flight shoots at Snake-Eyes who kills him and destroys some of the aircrafts instruments well returning fire. They fly blind until they are able to parachute out to safety.

The boy had elected to stay in Springfield, his family lived there and he needed to stay and continue to helping to defeat Cobra. Zap & Scarlett promise to bring back help.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


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