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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: June 1982
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 1

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The first issue had two stories.

Operation Lady Doomsday: The Joes must rescue a peace activist from Cobra, who has hidden her on a remote island.

Hot Potato: The Joes have to get an information tape out of hostile territory.

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Notes of Interest

First G.I. Joe comic. This issue's corner cover art is a picture of Grunt. It is the same art used, with few exceptions, for the first hundred issues. Issue also included numerous personnel profiles, HQ diagram, and vehicle profiles.

Operation: Lady Doomsday - First appearance of Dr. Adele Burkhart. A computer read-out shows the faces and code names of all 13 original Joes, plus a 14th face obscured by a character's hand with the code-name "Shooter." This is a joke refering to the fact that Jim Shooter was editor-in-chief of Marvel at the time. This story is reprinted in G.I. Joe Yearbook No. 1 (March 1985).

Hot Potato - This story features the first reference to Snake-Eyes' "feelings for Scarlett."

Major Players

Operation: Lady Doomsday Joes: Hawk, Stalker, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Rock 'n Roll, Clutch, Breaker, Flash, Steeler, Short-Fuse, Grunt, Grand Slam, Zap Cobra: Cobra Commander, and The Baroness.

Hot Potato - Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Hawk, Clutch, and Rock 'n Roll.

Creative Team

Operation: Lady Doomsday - Scripter: Larry Hama, Penciler: Herb Trimpe, Inker: Bob McLeod, Letterer: Jim Novak, Colorist: Glynis Wein, Editor: Tom DeFalco, Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter

Hot Potato - Writer: Larry Hama, Penciler: Don Perlin, Inker: Jack Abel, Letterer: Rick Parker, Colorist: Glynis Wein, Editor: Tom DeFalco

Full Details

Operation: Lady Doomsday:

Dr. Burkhart, a nuclear physicist formerly of the "Doomsday Project," considered a traitor by many for her outspoken critique of both the Project and the U.S. government, is kidnapped by the terrorist organization Cobra Command while being transported to testify before Congress. Cobra threatens to kill her if a rescue is attempted, but the government cannot afford to let Cobra extract the secrets Dr. Burkhart knows. G.I. Joe is sent to Cobra's stronghold on a small, thinly-populated Caribbean island to effect the rescue. They successfully penetrate the outer defenses and make their way to the Spanish fort where Cobra Commander is holed up with Dr. Burkhart. On the way, they discover that Cobra has slaughtered the island's civilian population in an act of shear malice. Snake-Eyes and Scarlett confront Cobra Commander and rescue Dr. Burkhart, just as the rest of the team arrives in the fort. Burkhart explains that she was the bait for a trap and that the fort is wired to explode within minutes. The team escapes with moments to spare in a Cobra helicopter. Burkhart thanks her rescuers and realizes that "somewhere in the Pentagon... there are people who care." In the confusion, Cobra Commander and the Baroness escape to their "true headquarters," foreshadowing more trouble for the Joes...

Hot Potato:

Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, and Rock 'N Roll must transport a tape out of the Cobra-funded Colonel Sharif's emirate. The safety of the team members takes a back seat to the safety of the tape. When Scarlett is injured, she orders the others to continue without her, but Snake-Eyes turns back for her. Upon delivering the tape to Hawk, Stalker, and Clutch, Rock 'N Roll goes back for them and is closely followed by Hawk and Clutch. Together they rescue the others, while Stalker transports the tape to safety.

By Edward Mundy


This issue was also released as a 13 ¼ by 10 inch Marvel Treasury Edition in 1982 with the same content and a slightly modified cover.