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Country: Unknown

Region: Middle East (East part)

Language: Arabic

Publisher: Marvel

Duration: Unknown

Released: Unknown
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GI Joe #128

Notes of Interest

This issue cover was discovered in an article from a Spanish website. (See the article here) .

It is believed to be from Egypt or Kuwait (unconfirmed) and has Arabic writing on the cover. The translation of the cover reads.

The big red text = J.I.Joe
The black text near the gun's shot = Arabic Version
The number next to the "Arabic Version" is a 2. (divided by the bullet stream)
The red text in bottom left corner = Winds of Change
This issue could have been issued anywhere between Iraq & Egypt because there is a little number on the cover. These numerals are used in the East part of the Arab world, while the west part (Lybia to Morroco) use the same numerals used in the Western world.

A similar issue corresponding to #130 was reportedly bought in Egypt (no cover scan available)

If you have any information or additional cover scans regarding this issue please send them to [email protected] Contact & Submit

Or you can post in a thread at the Joe Reloaded Comic Forum website (See the thread here)

Special Thanks: Alex Kovaka & Gabriel Pricardo

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