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There were several different series of Action Force released.

The main Action Force series ran for 50 issues and contained a mix of several original stories along with reprints of the US comics. As a solo book it was canceled and merged with the UK Transformers comic series as a 6 page secondary title, only using US reprint stories. A comic joining another series as a secondary title was a common practice of the time in the UK. After Action Force run ended in the Transformers series it reappeared in the UK in The Incredible Hulk Presents for 12 issues.

Concurrently, during the main Action Force series, 5 annuals, 5 specials and 15 issues of Action Force Monthly/European Missions were released containing original stories.

Completely separate from the comics, Ladybird, a children's book company, released 6 small hardcover books with original stories more oriented towards younger kids.

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Action Force Main Series

Transformers and Action Force

The Incredible Hulk Presents

Action Force Annuals

Action Force Specials

Action Force Monthly

Ladybird Books

Although not released in the UK, GI Joe European Missions were the US reprints of Action Force Monthly.
European Missions

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