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Starting in 1982, many countries around the world released their own versions of GI Joe comics.

Below are numerous non-English countries where GI Joe was published. Often these comics were printed under different names, generally for a limited amount of issues. These non-English comics were usually exact reprints of the US Marvel GI Joe covers & their stories with direct translations into their own individual languages. There is an amazing variety styles, formats and variations that were produced between 1982 and 1994.

In the United Kingdom in 1980's, GI Joe was known as Action Force and they were the only country outside of the US to ever produce & publish original stories of GI Joe and Cobra. These original stories appeared in 2 different titles: Action Force and Battle Action Force. In 2009, in connection with the release of the movie the GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Magazine was which also contained original stories.

Battle Action Force was its own very unique series of stories which created a totally different starting history for both Cobra and Action Force.

In 2006, the Devil's Due era comics were published in Spain in Spanish.

English Versions

(Numbers in parenthesis indicate amount of issues that are viewable on the site.)

United Kingdom Action Force
7 different series were released by Marvel UK. (229)

United Kingdom
Battle Action Force

Two waves equaling 165 issues released between 1983 & 1986 (165)
Australia - GI Joe
Starting in 1989 Cyclone Comics published 4 issues of GI Joe. (4)
2009 UK Edition Trade Paperbacks
In 2009, Panini Books released UK Editions of the trade paperbacks originally published by IDW. (3)
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Magazine
2009, a 6 issue series of completely original stories was published by Panini Books in magazine format. These stories revolved around the movie versions of the GI Joe characters and included toys. (6)

Worldwide Publication List (circa 1990)
Here is a list of countries in which GI Joe was being published in 1990. This list was published in issue #10 of GI Joe Pasukan Elite Amerika (Indonesia) in Indonesian. There are several countries listed here that are unknown to the GI Joe comic book collecting world.
Those countries are India, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Greece.
If you have any information or cover scans regarding any of these countries email: [email protected] or Contact & Submit

Translation of below:
G.I. Joe series published in these countries:
1. Argentina
2. Netherlands
3. Belgium
4. Denmark
5. Finland
6. India
7. Indonesia
8. Germany
9. Luxemburg
10. Malaysia
11. Mexico
12. Norway
13. Singapore
14. Spain
15. Sweden
16. Taiwan
17. Greece
18. United States

Non-English Countries
Argentina - GI Joe
Released in 1987, 12 issues were published in Spanish. (12)
Brazil - Comandos em Ação
2 different series were published in Portuguese: 11 issues in 1987, 10 issues in 1993 each with a different publisher. (21)
Canada - GI Joe French Heritage
Starting in 1983 with EH as it publisher later switching to Marvel, 47 issues were published in French. (35)
Quebec, Canada - ComicOrama
ComicOrama is a multi-Marvel trade paperback released in French which usually contains six different comics bound together. GI Joe was in 15 of these. Included here is are two additional tradea. (6)
Chile - Heroes de TV: GI Joe
In 1987, 10 issues were published in Spanish as a continued series that started with the Transformers series. (4)
Denmark - Action Force
In 1988, 19 issues plus the GI Joe and Transformers #1 were published in Danish. (20)
Finland - Action Force
Starting in 1988 and published by Kustannus Oy Semic, 85 issues of GI Joe were published in Finnish. (85)
France - Heros Sans Frontieres
Not much is known about this series but they were published in French and released in France in 1987. In 1988, the European Missions/Action Force Monthly series was also released in French. (7)
Germany - Action Force
In 1987, 6 Action Force comics were reprinted in German. This series is actually reprints of the UK Action Force stories not the US Marvel ones. (6)
Indonesia - GI Joe
The only officially verified Asian country to have produced GI Joe comics. They were released sometime around 1990 in Indonesian, a total of 30 issues. (12)
Italy - GLI Eroici GI Joe
Forza Irresistibile

In 1988, GI Joe was published in Italy in Italian for 12 issues & 2 Trade Paperbacks. (14)
Mexico - Comandos Heroicos
All 101 digest sized issues that were released between 1987 to 1992 in Spanish. In 2001, the first 4 issues of the new Image/Devil's Due series were also printed in Spanish. (105)
Netherlands - Speciale Opdracht
Published in Dutch, this series released 19 issues + 5 omnibus trade paperbacks starting in 1987. (24)
Norway - Action Force
Internasjonale Helter

Starting in 1988, 31 issues were released in Norwegian until 1990. A separate single issue was released in 1993. (19)
Poland - GI Joe
Between 1992 & 1996 GI Joe was released in Polish. At first it was published by TM Semic, later Marvel. This is one of the only known comics to be published after the US Series was canceled in 1994.(33)
Héroes Internacionales,
Biblioteca GI Joe & GI Joe Reloaded

Three difference series reprinting Marvel (1980's), Image/DDP & Reloaded (2006) all in Spanish by different publishers. (58)
Sweden - Action Force
27 issues were published in Swedish by Satellit between 1988 & 1989. (27)
Turkey - Süper Joe
This series published in Turkish by Marvel Cizgi-Roman Yayinlari released 7 issues + 2 trade paperbacks. (7)
To the right is a cover that has been confirmed to be from Egypt and printed in Arabic. It is the only known scan from this series in which there are believed to 7 issues.
Click the cover to get more information.

Additional countries known to have possibly published GI Joe that are not available to view: Greece, Israel, India, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hungary, Czechoslovakia(Czech Republic), Egypt and possibly the Middle East.

If you would like to contribute additional information or cover scans to help increase the accuracy of this section.
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Special Thanks for contributions to this section go to (in alphabetical order):
Richard Anderson at GI Joe International Comics, M. Bjerregaard, Jeff Bohn, Calvin Chymy, Jon Haarr, Firat Kayhan,
Phil Kost at JoeReloaded.com, James Marshall at Blood for the Baron.com, Rod Pellegrini, Scryptic, Martin Skrzypczynski,
Roger Taft of Captain Cosmos Collectibles .

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