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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2002
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 4

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The final battle over the nano-mites and the Destro situation is resolved.

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Notes of Interest

32 page issue.
The Jugglers return.
Duke dons a new outfit. Cobra Commander escapes with the help of an un-named assistant who uses ninja throwing stars.
Scarlett forgives Snake Eyes, and he re-proposes to her.
The fake Destro's name is revealed to be Alexander, and he and Mistress Armada are held prisoner by the real Destro, who has recovered from his illness.
More Greenshirts die.
There is friction between Duke and Flint.

Major Players

Joes: Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Hawk, Duke, Flint, Shipwreck, Rock N Roll, Mainframe, Lifeline, Spirit, Kamakura, Firewall, Daemon,

Cobra: Destro, Alexander Destro, Baroness, Mistress Armada, Major Bludd, Zartan, Zanya, Cobra Commander.

Creative Team

Story - Layouts: Josh Blaylock,
Pencils: Steve Kurth,
Inks: John Larter,
Colors: Hi-Fi Colour Designs,
Letters: Dreamer Designs,
Military Consultant: SFC. Brian Savage Peterson,
Edits: Scott Wherle,

Cover: J. Scott Campbell,
Back Cover: David Michael Beck

Full Details

The United States is falling to the nano-mite plague, hospitals crowded with victims, power outages, and weapons and supplies disintegrating at military bases. The Jugglers meet with Hawk, and Hawk says they were the ones who decomissioned the team in 1995. The Jugglers also accuse Hawk of creating the nano-mite threat to relive the "glory days" of the Joe team. Hawk also mentions the information leak. A Cobra platoon led by Major Bludd attacks a relief caravan on its way to the affected areas, only to re-pack the supplies into Cobra trucks and present them as their own.

Alexander, the fake Destro, explains to Armada that the nano-mites can only exist outside a human body for a short time, and that only Cobra Commander knows the secret to bring the nano-mites to full power. Dr. Mindbender is sent to take Cobra Commander to the Brain Wave Scanner, but he and his assistants are attacked by someone wielding ninja throwing stars, allowing Cobra Commander to escape. Lifeline devises a plan to turn the nano-mites on themselves but needs to know what satellite is controlling them, while Snake Eyes and Scarlett are quarantined, as they are also infected with the nano-mites. Snake Eyes sends Spirit to retrieve something for him. Scarlett realizes they could both die, and forgives Snake Eyes.

Alexander demonstrates a more powerful strain of the nano-mites by making a Cobra Officer dissolve into dust. The Joes and Destro's Cobra forces battle on the White House lawn, causing the death of more Greenshirts when their weapons are jammed by the nano-mites. The Joes back at base intercept a call from Cobra Commander naming the Gaijin Satellite as the key to the nano-mite invasion, and begin work to stop them. The Speaker of the House holds a press conference with Alexander, who claims to want to help combat the nano-mites, and claims that they now have US Marshall authority throughout the country. Destro sees the broadcast, and realizes he is able to move.

Alexander holds Rock N Roll, Flint, Duke and Shipwreck captive, but Duke fights back, as he knows that the nano-mites have been neutralized. Alexander and Mistress Armada make an escape to a Cobra helicopter, but not to safety, as the Baroness is in there and she looks none too happy. Rock N Roll tries to help the Speaker of the House escape, but the Speaker is revealed to be Zartan, who escapes with Zanya.

Flint is almost attacked from behind by a Viper but is saved by Duke. Flint glares at Duke and calls him a show off. Hawk holds a press conference announcing that the threat is over for now, but the G.I. Joe team will remain in action. Some citizens have sided with Cobra, thinking they were the ones that were helping. Alexander and Mistress Armada are held prisoner by Destro, and Snake Eyes proposes to Scarlett with the ring he had sent Spirit for earlier.