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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: October 2003
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 22

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Serpentor is brought back to the living. The Juggler's are planning on executing the Cobra clone kids. And the Joes are transporting them. Hawk intercepts them just as they are being attacked. A long battle ensues to release the children. Serpentor kills Daemon. All of Serpentor's kids are reunited as Dr. Mindbender also shows up as Serpentor takes the kids from the Joes.

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Notes of Interest

Daemon is KIA.

Serpentor's Return.

Dr. Mindbender is a clone, his original died in the freighter on Cobra Island.

Major Players

The Joes - Beach Head, Cover Girl, Daemon, Firewall, Hawk, Lifeline, Roadblock, Rock 'n' Roll, Spirit, Snake-Eyes, a green shirt named Smith

Cobra - Cobra Commander, Croc Master, Dr. Mindbender, Firefly, Raptor, Serpentor, Zartan

Additional characters - Billy, The Jugglers, Hannibal, The Serpentor Clone Kids: Julius, Alexander, Genghis, Ivan, Attila, Vlad, Phillip, Napoleon, and Thomas

Creative Team

Story: Josh Blaylock,
Pencils: Brandon Badeaux,
Inks: Andrew Pepoy,
Colors: Brett R Smith of Color Fusion,
Letters: Dreamer Designs,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,
Miltary Consultation: Tilman Goins

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Artist: Michael Turner,
Cover Company: Image

Cover B (Sketch): Artist: Michael Turner,
Cover Company: Image

Cover C (Retailer Exclusive): Artist: Greg Horn
Cover Company: BuymeToys.com

Cover D (2nd Printing): Artist: Michael Turner,
Cover Company: Image

Full Details

Four years ago, on Cobra Island, a group of scientists oversees ongoing work on the Serpentor project. It seems the project is a success - and it's just as well, he says, since they need their leader now, more than ever.

In the present day, Mindbender sleeps, restlessly. He's dreaming of that day, 10 years ago, when Cobra Commander locked him, Billy, Firefly, Raptor, Croc Master and others in the Cobra freighter and buried it under tons of rock...

Then he dreams of waking up in a lab, undergoing strange tests...

Suddenly he awakes. He can't help the nightmares - after all, he's a clone, and his dreams won't let him forget his past life. He can't understand how he can "remember" memories this body hasn't had, but it at least gives him confidence that the children in his living room share a link with than man they were cloned from - Serpentor.

Julius, one of the boys, tells Mindbender he knows where the rest of the cloned boys are - they're together, and the G.I. Joe team has them. Mindbender orders Hannibal to get the can ready - if Julius knows where the rest of the boys are, so does Serpentor!

In the past, the scientists finally awaken Serpentor. They tell him he's been in his coma for three years - since the civil war.

Back in the present, a group of generals at the Pentagon inform Hawk the Serpentor clones the Joes have in custody will be transferred to Dugway Proving Grounds to be executed. Hawk refuses to co-operate, but it's too late - they're already on their way.

Somewhere in Utah, a convoy consisting of a HAVOC, a personnel carrier, and a Wolverine moves along the interstate, escorted by four motorcycles. Inside the personnel carrier, Spirit and Rock 'n' Roll discuss just how little they know about these boys - they don't know who they are or what fate they're escorting them to.

The convoy comes to a stop at a raised bridge, just as General Hawk sends a message telling them to reroute and not take the children to Dugway. Before the convoy can respond, they're attacked! Firefly leads a force of modified HISS tanks, STUNs, FANGs and flight pods against the Joes.

Firefly takes out the HAVOC with some explosives, and although Cover Girl manages to knock down the flight pods with Stinger missiles, the HISS knocks the Wolverine out of commission.

A group of bats jumps from the FANGs on to the personnel carrier, tearing the roof off with their bare hands. Fortunately, a HISS - which Daemon, Firewall and Roadblock have commandeered - blows them all away.

Beachhead sends the greenshirts ahead to scout for any more threats, and they find one - Serpentor! He blows the greenshirts away, and attacks the personnel carrier just as Lifeline is about to run with the children. He tells Lifeline not to move, or he will kill them all.

Daemon suddenly fires on Serpentor from behind, enraging him! He approaches the HISS, saying the children are his family, and no one can hurt his family except him. He lunges, grabbing Daemon - and snaps his neck.

As he takes his children from the stunned Joes, he says "we are almost all reunited." Then Mindbender and the rest of the children arrive, and the reunion is complete!

Summary by Josh Kern
Short Summary, Notes of Interest, and Major Players by Josh Eggebeen