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#20 CLOSURE (1 OF 2)



Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: August 2003
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 20

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Storm Shadow breaks the brain scanners effect and contacts Billy. Snake-Eyes, Kamakura, and Billy go to rescue Storm Shadow in Los Angeles just as Cobra Commander shows up.

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Notes of Interest

32 pages, cover connects with issue #21's cover. Arashikage Mindset -- A state of mind that prevents all outside influences from affecting the mind of the person who is put in that mindset. It can only be administered by another member of the Arashikage Clan

Storm Shadow kills two Dreadnoks, Turtle & Squeeler

The New Pit - Level Five Map

Major Players

The Joes - Billy, Kamakura, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes (Timber)

Cobra - Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Tomax, Xamot, Zartan

Dreadnoks - Thrasher, Zanya

Creative Team

Story: Josh Blaylock,
Pencils: Brandon Badeaux,
Inks: Andrew Pepoy,
Colors: Hi-Fi Colour Designs,
Letters: Dreamer Designs,
Copy Edits: Scott Wherle,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,
Miltary Consultation: Tilman Goins

Cover: Mike Zeck and Hi Fi Colour Design,
Back Cover: David Michael Beck,

Full Details

In a secret lair in Los Angeles, Storm Shadow meditates. Tears well up in his eyes, and he opens them, declaring: "I'm free."

Meanwhile, in the High Sierras, Snake-Eyes and Kamakura spar while Scarlett looks on. Snake-Eyes easily bests his pupil, prompting some good-natured ribbing from Scarlett. Kamakura declares he's not ready to quit, and he'll even take on Scarlett next! He and Snake-Eyes resume their fight, with Kamakura even gaining the upper hand at times.

Back in LA, Storm Shadow crashes a Dreadnok hideout, roughing up several 'Noks before stealing a motorcycle. He leaves Thrasher alive to give Cobra Commander a message - Storm Shadow is not his lapdog anymore.

Thrasher proceeds to Cobra's LA headquarters, where Cobra Commander is getting debriefed on the latest goings-on, including the odd absence of Dr. Mindbender. Thrasher suddenly bursts in and explains what has happened.

The Crimson Twins break out the modified Brain Wave Scanner that Cobra has been using to keep Storm Shadow in line. Thrasher, a handy lad with machines, takes a look at it, and notices some of the wires have been spliced, which perhaps explains how Storm Shadow was able to break its hold over him.

In the High Sierras, Billy is driving his jeep up towards Snake-Eyes' cabin when he receives a phone call from Storm Shadow asking for help. Storm-Shadow explains that he's free, but he needs to be put into the Arashikage mindset to complete the process. He tells Billy where he is and Billy says he's on it! He rushes up to the cabin where, inside, Scarlett teases Kamakura about keeping his mask on in the house. Snake-Eyes secretly admits to her how much fun he's having with his pupil when Billy bursts in...

In LA, Zartan tells Cobra Commander that Thrasher will accompany the Commander, but Zartan himself is sitting this one out. The Commander suspects Zartan may be afriad of Storm Shadow, visibly upsetting Zartan. But the Commander's not concerned - he wants to handle this himself and besides, he knows all of Storm Shadow's secrets - including his hideouts.

In the Sierras, Snake-Eyes, Kamakura and Billy prepare to set out to rescue their friend. Scarlett, of course, is not happy - she believes their life has revolved around this conflict for too long, and she can't handle it anymore. Snake-Eyes leaves and she flings her engagement ring off in disgust.

Billy worries about how long it's going to take to drive to LA, but Snake-Eyes has a better solution - he's got a Dragonfly chopper stashed out back!

Storm Shadow reaches his hideout, and is assisted by an unidentified man, but it's too late - Cobra Commander and a squad of Crimson Guards arrive, and the Commander promises he can make the pain go away.

Before he can activate the Brain Wave Scanner, though, Billy, Kamakura and Snake-Eyes arrive. It's an old-fashioned stand-off, but the Commander tells his men to lower their weapons - no one is shooting his son.

"Except me," he says, and proceeds to shoot Billy in the chest.

Summary by: Josh Kern Short Summary, Notes of Interest, and Major Players by Josh Eggebeen