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Reinstated 1 of 4 (Third Printing)
Short Summary

Reprint of Issue #1

Notes of Interest

The third printing was released with the Special Collection Action Figures with Sound Attack Eight Pack that was released in 2002. The indicia on the inside cover states that this is the third printing, and the Image Comics "i" on the front cover is blue as opposed to green on the first print. The third printing also excludes eight pages of advertisements found in the first print, has a different inside back cover, and has no UPC code on the back cover.

Major Players

Reprint of Issue #1

Creative Team

Story - Layouts: Josh Blaylock, Pencils: Steve Kurth, Inks: John Larter, Colors: Hi-Fi Colour Designs, Edits: Scott Wherle, Cover: David Michael Beck, Back Cover: J. Scott Campbell,

Long Summary

Reprint of Issue #1

Number 1 (Third Printing), September 2002



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