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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: April 2003
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 16

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Snake Eyes, Spirit, and Cover Girl investigate the disappearances of strange children.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of Julius, Alexander, and Hannibal.

Level one of the map of the New PIT.

Major Players

Joes: Cover Girl, Spirit, Snake Eyes.Hawk,

Cobra: Alexander, Julius, Hannibal, Dr. Mindbender

Others: Detective Kirkland, The Jugglers

Creative Team

Story: Josh Blaylock,
Pencils: Tim Seeley,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: Hi-Fi Colour Designs,
Letters: Dreamer Designs,
Copy Edits: Scott Wherle,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,
Miltary Consultation: Tim Evere

Cover: Francis Manapul & Cory Hamscher,
Back Cover: David Michael Beck,
Zanya pin-up: Tim Seeley,

Full Details

A young boy named Julius draws odd designs during a recess break. Julius disappears into a black van when his teacher goes inside to get him a new crayon.

In Arizona, Cover Girl arrives at the Americana Museum and meets up with Spirit. Spirit guides her into the new Pit which resides in the basement. Flint briefs Cover Girl, Spirit, and Snake Eyes about the disappearance of Julius. Flint isn't sure why the G.I.Joe team is being called in on a kidnapping case, but issues the orders anyway.

The Joes meet with Detective Kirkland of the Redding Police Department, then go to interview Julius' adoptive parents. They find many books on history in his room, along with Risk and Stratego.

Firewall informs the three Joes of a recent attempted kidnapping in Oregon of an autistic boy named Alexander, who looks exactly like Julius.

In Washington, D.C., Hawk meets with the Jugglers, who have ordered this mission. The Jugglers argue about the missing children, and state that one of the children had gone missing after rebelling against his parents.

The Joes go to investigate Alexander's disappearance, and find more odd drawings in Alexander's room. While at the house, Alexander's father gets a call, it sounds as if his wife is in trouble. The Joes trace the call, and race to their aid. They find an older boy with both Alexander and Julius, but the trio is able to escape.

The three children then report to Dr. Mindbender, who calls the older child Hannibal, and states that "Now he will come to us."