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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: November 2002
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 12

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The Joes and Cobra both try to stop the renegade B.A.T. in Chicago.

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Notes of Interest

Return of Firefly.

Major Players

Joes: Hawk, Heavy Duty, Lady Jaye, Jinx, Spirit, Rock and Roll, Roadblock, Duke, Mainframe

Cobra: Zarana, Zanya, Zartan, Dr. Mindbender, B.A.T., Buzzer, Road Pig, Torch, Ripper, Firefly

Others: General Winters

Creative Team

Story: Josh Blaylock,
Pencils: Kevin Sharpe,
Inks: John Larter,
Backgrounds: Tony Akins,
Colors: Hi-Fi Colour Designs,
Letters: Dreamer Designs,
Edits: Scott Wherle,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover: Joe Benitez & Joe Weems,
Back Cover: David Michael Beck

Full Details

The B.A.T. runs a self-repair program underneath the streets of Chicago, while the Joe team prepares to parachute into town. Lady Jaye briefs Roadblock, Rock N Roll, Mainframe, Jinx, and Spirit on the situation below. The Joes encounter a squad of Alley Vipers during freefall, but the Joes make them retreat.

On the streets, a group of Dreadnoks (Buzzer, Road Pig, Torch, and Ripper) brutalizes Heavy Duty, but the Joes chase them off. Jinx corners the Dreadnoks, but more arrive, so the Joes follow the B.A.T.s trail into the sewers. They leave Heavy Duty behind to receive medical attention.

At Wright Patterson Air Force Base, General Winters has a phone conversion with a mysterious man. The General demands that his situation is taken care of immediately.

Back below the streets of Chicago, Spirit tracks the B.A.T. through the sewers. Zarana's team of Dreadnoks and Alley Vipers has the B.A.T. surrounded, but they are unable to do any damage. Dr. Mindbender informs Zarana that the B.A.T. is not to be harmed.

Lady Jaye shoots the B.A.T. with a remote access bug that Mainframe created. While the Cobra forces regroup, the Joes take a shot at the B.A.T. Mainframe is unable to hack into the B.A.T.'s system, so he attempts to physically attack the B.A.T. from behind, as Zarana watches on. The B.A.T. easily overcomes Mainframe, who is saved by Heavy Duty, who refused the ambulance and followed the Joes. The B.A.T. runs off and Cobra and the Joes follow.

Up on the streets, Zartan calls Dr. Mindbender and orders him to come take care of the mess he created, as Firefly circles overhead in a helicopter.