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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: June 2005
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 43

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Dela Eden has just killed Lady Jaye and is planning on taking Flint prisoner instead Scarlett arrives to capture Dela. The Joe team does some serious investigating into the Red Shadows organization, plus interrogates Dela. Gen. Mars Herring helps Dela escape and is captured himself, and revealed to be a traitor. The Red Shadows have large meeting that the Joe team interrupts. Flint refuses to kill Dela, even though he has the opportunity, Arthur Kulik is also captured, but the leader of the Red Shadow's Wilder Vaughn escapes. General Joe Colton is revealed to still be alive and recovering in a hospital.

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Notes of Interest

June, 2005 (double sized issue) Two chapters

The final issue of the GI Joe A Real American Hero series.

Lade Jaye dies.

Gen. Mars Herring is killed.

Joe Colton is revealed to still be alive.

Major Players

The Joes: Duke, Flint, Gen. Philip Rey, Hawk, Joe Colton, Kamakura, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes

Red Shadows: Wilder Vaughn, Arthur Kulik & Dela Eden, and Gen. Mars Herring

Additional Characters: Director Medina (Secretary to the President), Mr. Danas (executive of Ekleipsi Trading, a Red Shadow's company)

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa
Pencils: Tim Seeley &, Emiliano Santalucia
Inks: Cory Hamscher
Coloring: Brett R. Smith
Lettering: Steve Seeley
Editor: Mark Powers
Associate Editor: Mike O'Sullivan
Graphic Design: Mike Norton
Production Assistance: Sean Dove
Military Consultation: Andrew Swenson

Cover: Tim Seeley, Andrew Pepoy & Val Staples

Full Details

Chapter 3

Dela Eden has just killed Lady Jaye. And the injured Flint is trying to put up a fight, but Dela's intentions are to capture Flint. Scarlett arrives to shot and capture Dela. Flint cries as he holds his dead wife. Lade Jaye is dead.

Through research, Scarlett has discovered that the Ekleipsi Trading Company in Athens, Greece is a front company for the Red Shadows. Scarlett, with Hawk & Flint as tech support, goes undercover to have a meeting with the manager of the company, a Mr. Danas. Scarlett's cover is blown and Arthur Kulik shows up to confront her. But Scarlett is able to escape with the help of Flint and Hawk.

The traitor Gen. Mars Herring arrives at the detention center were Dela Eden is being held prisoner. But Gen. Rey and Duke are already in the process of interrogating Dela Eden. A security breach happens. The Red Shadows, lead by Wilder Vaughn, have launched an attack to rescue Dela. Gen. Rey and Duke leave Dela to the guards to check out what is happening. Gen. Herring kills the guards and releases Dela, but Duke and Gen. Rey capture Gen. Herring before he can escape.

Scarlett's mission turns up some interesting information. The 'Umbra Secure System Portals' is a company that controls the computer operating systems, these systems then control the military weapon arrays used by more then a dozens of countries around the world. And the Red Shadows has control of this company and its systems. By activating all of these systems they would be able to cause a severe amount of damage to the world. This all fits into their plan to bring down governments of the world. So they can step up and rule the world. Also discovered is some information about the neural enhancer's attached to there spines to all of the Red Shadows. An apparatus that gives the soldier an extra boosts of strength when activated.

At the Red Shadows headquarters atop a New York City building, Vaughn, Kulik, and Eden put there long awaited plan to take down the governments of the world into action. They assemble a final meeting of the loyal troops to announce the beginning of their plan.

Chapter 4

At the Pentagon, Mars Herring is taken to be interrogated. Wilder Vaughn activates a bomb that is inside Herring's neural enhancer, nearly killing Rey and Duke and destroying a good section of the Pentagon. Herring has become a causality of the GI Joe Red Shadows war.

At the Red Shadows meeting, Flint has taken the solo action of infiltrating the building After gaining access, taking out a few guards, Flint is knocked out by Kulik, and brought to the main floor of the meeting. Gen. Rey, Duke, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett jump in a helicopter to help Flint. On the ride over Scarlett reaffirms her love for Snake-Eyes. Then the team jumps into the Red Shadows meeting.

Duke fights Wilder Vaughn, Flint fights Dela Eden, Gen. Rey captures Kulik, and Scarlett activates a system that causes the neural enhancers to malfunction causing most of the troops be incapable of fighting. As Flint betters Dela, he puts a gun to her face, and instead of getting revenge by killing her, he just knocks her out. Vaughn beats Duke, and escapes into an elevator where Snake-Eyes catches him. Vaughn has a small fight with Snake-Eyes, and again sneaks off to jump in a small plane from the roof of the building.

A news report on television explains that the GI Joe action was not Cobra related, and that Cobra as an organization has fractured and Cobra Commander is still at large. And that the GI Joe team has been deactivated by order of the President. This news report is being watched by General Joe Colton in the hospital bed, still very much alive.

The final moment of the GI Joe A Real American Hero series is Flint standing in an empty home looking at a framed photo of him and Lade Jaye.

The End

Summary by Josh Eggebeen