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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2005
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 42

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Lady Jaye has questions about General Rey's history. Red Shadows organization makes its presence known. They kill the Jugglers, capture Serpentor.s body, attempt to kill Hawk, have some US physicians and the Emir of Al-Amini Emirate killed, assassinate a known terrorist, destroy a convoy carrying aide supplies, kill the German Secretary of Special Defense, kill Reggie (a Joe informer), Juggler Gen. Mars Herring turns out to be part of the Red Shadows and if that wasn.t enough they attack Flint and Lady Jaye. And Lady Jaye may die.

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Notes of Interest

May, 2005 (double sized issue) Two chapters

Death of General Gibbs and the rest of Jugglers.

Pictures of confirmed deceased: Joe Colton, Glenda, Rampart, Tracker, Big Boa, and Asa Negra.

Director Medina previously introduced as a secretary to the President in issue #40 is named.

Red Shadows leadership is named, and its history as an organization is told.

Major Players

Joes: Duke, Flint, Gen. Philip Rey, Hawk, Joe Colton, Kamakura, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes

Red Shadows: Vaughn Wilder, Arthur Kulik & Dela Eden, and Mars Herring

Additional Characters: Serpentor, Jugglers & Gen. Gibbs, Director Medina (Secretary to the President), Reggie (deceased), terror leader Robert Wilhelm (deceased), Germany's Minister of Special Defense Mr. Bohn (deceased)

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa
Pencils: Tim Seeley (Page 1-22), Emiliano Santalucia (Page 23-44)
Inks: Cory Hamscher
Coloring: Brett R. Smith
Lettering: Steve Seeley
Editor: Mark Powers
Associate Editor: Mike O'Sullivan
Graphic Design: Mike Norton
Production Assistance: Sean Dove
Military Consultation: Andrew Swenson

Cover: Tim Seeley, Andrew Pepoy & Val Staples

Full Details

Chapter #1 Lady Jaye, Flint and Gen. Rey read a letter from the deceased Gen. Joe Colton. This letter tells of a mission he went on with a Wilder Vaughn. The letter explains that Vaughn was disgusted with how corrupt the governments had become. It goes on to explain that after the mission Vaughn joined MI-5 and was killed in action investigating a group called the Red Shadows. Colton put together this letter after Hector Ramirez had given him some information on the group, Ramirez was killed as was Colton by the Red Shadows. It is one of the missing links that Lady Jaye has been searching for to help discover this mysterious group that has killed several Joes. Lady Jaye and Flint are arguing.

In Al-Amini Emirate, A lady (Dela Eden of the Red Shadows) rides into an Arab camp and informs them that an American military intelligence team is coming to take their country, their Emir and their oil. At the headquarters of the Red Shadows in Crete, Greece, a news report on television is talking about the death of American physicians in Al-Amini in connection with the assassination of Al-Amini.s Emir. It was all a Red Shadows set up to help throw the world into chaos. Wilder Vaughn and Arthur Kulik talk about getting rid of the corruption in governments and how their organization has planned for a long time to take over and is finally in position to move on those plans.

Director Medina, staff of member of the President, informs Gen. Rey and Gen. Gibbs that Rey is still in command, GI Joe is still a team, and the Juggler.s are officially under investigation. After Gibbs is dismissed, she gives Rey some information on the recently killed Joes, and informs him that the President is reviewing the need for GI Joe now that Cobra is pretty much done as an active organization. And that she is fighting for the team.

Gen. Gibbs and the rest of Juggler.s go to the complex that has been holding Serpentor. Gen. Mars Herring is there waiting in a Red Shadows uniform. He kills Gibbs and the rest of Juggler.s and proceeds to break Serpentor out of his water chamber, and then blows the place up.

Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Duke return to GI Joe Command center in D.C., Gen. Rey and Duke clear up some differences, and the news of Juggler.s assassination comes in, and the pieces of the puzzle start coming together.

Kamakura, who has been assigned to watch Hawk, takes out an assassin, and Snake-Eyes and Scarlett arrive to take out a helicopter that is attacking. Snake-Eyes shoots several Red Shadow soldiers with an M-60 and they are surprisingly uninjured. Arthur Kulik is leading the mission to kill Hawk. The Red Shadows mission is a failure.

Back in Crete, Vaughn, Kulik and Eden are reviewing the failure to kill Hawk. They talk about how all of the Joes are scheduled to be killed. But Arthur is mad that he failed, and wants to go after Hawk. But Vaughn prevents him from doing so, and begins a plan of divide and conquer with pictures of Flint and Lady Jaye in front of him. The Joes have confirmed the existence of the Red Shadows.

Chapter #2

Director Medina is meeting with Lady Jaye and Gen. Rey about the existence of the Red Shadows organization and the Wilder Vaughn/MI-5 connection. The Pentagon is unconvinced that the Red Shadows exist and she informs them that their investigation is about to be shutdown.

Lady Jaye then confronts Gen. Rey about his background, or more preciously how there is no record of his history before last year. Just as Rey is about to avoid answering, Hawk arrives with Snake-Eyes and Scarlett.

Several news stories are happening around the world, and none of them are good. Those events are: a Middle East Peace agreement meeting is blown up, terrorist leader Robert Wilhelm is assassinated by a news reporter as the British are protecting him for his trial, the country of Tatia has had its UN relief efforts attacked by local warlord, the US is asked to withdraw from Tatia, and in Punta del Mucosa a convey is destroyed leading to martial law being enforced. What all these seemingly random world events have in common is that a Red Shadows agent was present. Wilder Vaughn kills the German Minister of Special Defense, Mr. Bohn, and now he has the codes to Germany.s defense grid.

Duke and Flint visit a guy name Reggie, a bomb maker and computer specialist. As Reggie, after some threats, is about to give out some information on the big guy army type with dark hair that had visited him. He is killed by Dela Eden. Flint takes off after her, but she escapes.

Later, Duke, Hawk, Flint and Gen. Rey are talking about Reggie and his death. They were able to get a photo of Eden, and now have a positive identification on her, of course she is .presumed dead.. Gen. Rey tries to exit from the meeting, but Duke draws him into a conversation where each of Joe leaders express their regrets on how they have lead the team, Duke apologizes for deceiving, Flint for his lack of command abilities and he informs them that this is his last mission, Hawk has had trouble dealing with the enemies that were within and against the Joe team, plus his parallelization and finally Rey explains that leading the Joe team wasn.t his choice but it is honor. Dela Eden has been observing, with video and audio, the entire meeting.

Lady Jaye brings the command team into look at some video footage that they retrieved from Reggie.s computer. It is a fuzzy image of the guy that paid Reggie $30,000 for the firebomb that killed the Juggler.s. They also tracked the payment to a bank that has the name Shadow included in it Greek translation. Gen. Rey dismisses the team, and Mars Herring receives a call.

Hawk and Rey have a moment at the command center, as Flint and Lady Jaye head home. Gen. Mars Herring arrives at the door of the base, and Rey lets him in. Herring talks about his fear since the rest of the Juggler.s where killed, that he knows he is about to be investigated, and he offers his help to Rey. As Rey is looking away he touches a button on his watch, and inserts a disk in Reggie.s computer.

At Lady Jaye and Flint.s home, they are arguing about Rey.s history, and why Flint is just going along with him. Lady Jaye has serious doubts about Gen. Rey. Flint informs Lady Jaye that after the Red Shadows case is dealt with he is quitting the Joe team. He then takes off out of the house, very mad. Dela Eden, who has followed Flint and Lady Jaye to there home, is positioned to capture or eliminate Flint as he drives away from Lady Jaye.

Eden runs Flint.s car off the road causing his SUV to roll down a hill. As Eden arrives to determine Flint.s fate, Lady Jaye attacks her and beats her up. Lady Jaye then goes to help clear Flint from the burning SUV. Flint has some serious injuries, and they both say .I love you. to each other. Just as Lady Jaye turns around Dela Eden stabs her with a piece of metal from the car wreck. Lady Jaye and Flint.s fate is to be determined.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen