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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: April 2005
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 41

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The Joe's invade the new Cobra stronghold in Badhikstan. Using the Tempest, Cobra unleashes an acid rain on Badhi. Cobra Commander kills Dr. Mindbender. Scanner sacrifices himself, killing Overlord, to save Snake-Eyes, Duke & Scarlett. And the mysterious group called the Red Shadows makes its first appearance; Gen. Joe Colton is a killed by the Red Shadows leader, a person he was familiar with.

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Notes of Interest

Official introduction of The Red Shadows leaders (although no names are mentioned).

Death of Dr. Mindbender & Overlord. As well as Gen. Joe Colton.

Major Players

Joes - Barrel Roll, Duke, Flint, Gen. Phillip Rey, Grand Slam, Gung-Ho, Gen. Joe Colton, Lady Jaye, Mercer, Scarlett, Scanner, Shipwreck, Shockwave, Snake-Eyes, Spirit, Stalker

Cobra - Blackout (Mister Stall), Cobra Commander, Dr. Knox, Dr. Mindbender, Major Bludd, Overlord, Tomax, Xamot, Wild Weasel

Dreadnoks - Zartan, Zandar

Creative Team

Story Brandon Jerwa,
Pencils Tim Seeley,
Inks Cory Hamscher,
Coloring Brett R. Smith,
Lettering Robin Spehar of Dreamer Design,
Editor Mark Powers,
Associate Editor Mile O'Sullivan,
Graphic Design Mike Norton,
Production Assistance Sean Dove,
Military Consultation Andrew Swenson,

Cover by Tim Seeley, Andrew Pepoy & Val Staples

Full Details

Overlord has been sent by the Jugglers to arrest Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, and Duke, who are in Iceland. He locks them in a bomb shelter. Scanner, who was mortally wounded by Overlord, survives long enough to activate the buildings self destruct, sacrificing himself and killing Overlord.

In Badhikstan, Cobra Commander is replacing Dr. Mindbender with Dr. Knox. He then shoots Mindbender in the back leaving him to bleed out on the floor in the main control room of the Tempest. Dr. Knox releases the Tempest.s power on the city of Djeska, Badhi. It is a rain with Deathangel virus in it, a skin eating virus. Zartan and Zandar make a very discrete exit.

At the same time the Joe team is doing a coordinated attack on the stronghold. Gen. Phillip Rey, Flint, Spirit and Mercer are making there attack by helicopter. Lady Jaye, Shockwave, and Grand Slam are parachuting in, and Gung-Ho, Shipwreck, Stalker and Lifeline attack some of Cobra.s sea resources.

Gen. Rey and Lady Jaye.s team fight there way into the facility and towards the control room. Spirit, Mercer, and Grand Slam get shot as they fight. Flint and Gen. Rey are the first to reach the control room, Cobra Commander shoots Rey but it is only a glancing bullet to the head. Then he gives Mister Stall (Blackout) the order to evacuate, and that he is to exterminate any Joes that he sees. Cobra Commander makes his escape with Tomax, and Xamot. Lady Jaye knocks out Dr. Knox as she is trying to escape.

Barrel Roll, who after dropping the nuclear bomb (last issue) on Cobra Island, is attacking the Tempest itself. His missiles are destroyed the satellites defenses.

Back in the control room, Dr. Mindbender, who is still bleeding to death and just barely alive, gets one final revenge on Cobra Commander by working with Lady Jaye. He reboots the Tempests hard drive. There by making the satellite defenseless for a few moments. Barrel Rolls last remaining weapon is his plane that he is flying, so Gen. Rey orders him to do what he has to do to finish the job. Barrel Roll accepts the order and asks for a final request that if they find out anything about his brother (Blackout) that if he is dead he not be remembered for his actions, and if he has switched to Cobra that his family never be told. This all plays! out as Blackout has his sniper rifle scope focused on the back of Lady Jaye.s head. As the airplane crashes into the Tempest, Dr. Mindbender dies and Blackout pulls back on shooting Lady Jaye. The Tempest is destroyed and the Joes have taken control of Cobra.s base.

A few days later, in Iceland, A winter rescue team uncovers Duke, Scarlett, and Snake-Eyes. Barrel Roll, now presumed dead by his brother, recovers in a hospital.

As Cobra Commander and The Crimson Twins hide in a cave, a female leader of the Red Shadows shows up informing them that all Cobra assets have been liquidated. This is the official first introduction of the Red Shadows organization, although they are not named.

In D.C., Gen. Joe Colton is visiting the office of Juggler Mars Herring, instead he is met by another leader of the Red Shadows, just before Colton is shot dead, he recognizes the man, and that is why he is killed. The Red Shadows leader makes a reference to Colton being an old friend.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen