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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: February 2005
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 39

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Cobra Commander takes back complete control of Cobra. General Phillip Rey becomes the leader of the smaller Joe team. Barrel Roll visits his brother, Thomas Stall, in prison. Cobra, lead by Mistress Armada, attacks The Pit. And the Baroness and Wraith are possibly blown up in an airplane escaping from Cobra Island.

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Notes of Interest

General Phillip Rey officially takes over command of GI Joe.

Major Players

The Joes - Gen. Phillip Rey, Barrel Roll, Firewall, Flint, Grand Slam, Gung-Ho, Mercer, Shipwreck, Shockwave, Spirit

Cobra - Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Knox, Dr. Mindbender, Major Bludd, Mistress Armada, Scrap Iron, Scalpel, Tomax, Xamot, Wild Weasel, Wraith

Dreadnoks - Zartan, Zandar, Monkeywrench, Thrasher

Additional characters - Thomas Stall, Jugglers: General Gibbs, General Mars Herring

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa,
Script: Josh Blaylock,
Pencils: Tim Seeley,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: Val Staples,
Letters: Robin Spehar of Dreamer Designs,
Editor: Mark Powers,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,
Production Assistance: Sean Dove,
Miltary Consultation: Andrew Swenson,

Cover: Tim Seeley, Andrew Pepoy & Val Staples

Full Details

Destro still in control of Cobra orders an attack on The Pit, which is lead by Mistress Armada. He also orders Dr. Knox to pack up the Tempest and Scrap-Iron to guard the island from the pending arrival of the recently escaped Cobra Commander.

Cobra Commander, who is watching Destro through a camera on Mistress Armadas necklace at the Dreadnok compound, plans his return to control of Cobra. First, he puts Zandar to the test of his loyalty; Zandar gives his loyalty to Cobra Commander after first declaring he is a Dreadnok first. Zartan then comments the Dreadnok organization to Cobra Commander.

Gen. Gibbs, Gen. Mars Herring, and Gen. Phillip Rey arrive at The Pit where Gen. Rey is installed as the commander, supplementing Hawk, Duke, and Flints authority over the team.

Barrel Roll visits his brother, Thomas Stall in his prison cell, just as Cobra attacks the facility. The building Thomas is being held in is blown apart. Barrel Roll separated in blast from his brother, helps Firewall escape to safety, leaving Thomas behind. Thomas alive and well goes the other way.

Cobra also attacks The Pit. The smaller Joe team, uses a Night Attack Copper and Rolling Thunder ground vehicle to attack the large Cobra formation. The Joe team takes out many Cobra vehicles before they are forced to fall back into The Pit. As the door is closing a Night Viper drops a grenade that prevents the door from closing. The Pit has been compromised and Gen. Rey orders an evacuation of The Pit. The Joe team falls down into the secure levels as Barrel Roll arrives in his airplane to fire several missiles into the open door killing many Cobras and doing serious damage to The Pit. All Joe members escape into the helicopter piloted by Flint and Gen. Rey. They have abandoned The Pit to Cobra, and it was ordered by Gen. Rey.

Cobra Commander has arrived on Cobra Island. Destro sends the Baroness off Cobra Island escorted by Wraith. As Destro and Cobra Commander face off, the Commander fires a missile at the escaping plane of the Baroness blowing it up, possibly killing her, her unborn baby, and Wraith. Cobra Commander has also taken control of the Tempest project, Tomax and Xamot confirm that the Badhikstan operation is ready, and Destro is defeated.

Gen. Rey gives the small Joe force a speech about how the smaller more maneuverable, harder to track team is going to take an eye for an eye in process of taking Cobra down.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen