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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: September 2004
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 34

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The Baroness is recovering from her brainwashing she had during her time in Cobra with the assistance of Destro and Scalpel. General Joseph "Joe" Colton comes back to fill in for Hawk as commander of GI Joe. Destro consolidates his power with the Cobra organization. Clutch, Snakes-Eyes, Roadblock, and Mayday go to the town of New Moon Colorado, to extract Mirage and a group of Joe trainees. These trainees include a new guy named Thomas Stall.

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Alternate Covers

Cover B Retailer Exclusive -- Graham Crackers Exclusive Red Foil, limited to 1000

Cover C 2nd Printing

Notes of Interest

Introduction of the new Joe Recruit Thomas Stall.

Major Players

Joes - Clutch, Claymore, Duke, Firewall, Flint, General Joseph "Joe" Colton, Hawk, Jane, Lady Jaye, Mayday, Mirage, Roadblock, Snake-Eyes

Cobra - Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Major Bludd, Scalpel, Scrap-Iron, Tomax, Xamot, Wraith

Additional characters - Jugglers: General Gibbs, WNN News Correspondent Hector Ramirez, Joe Recruits: Julie Haun (KIA), Thomas Stall, Curtis Letson (KIA)

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa,
Pencils: Tim Seeley,
Backgrounds: Jason Millet,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: Brett R. Smith,
Letters: Dreamer Designs,
Editor: Mark Powers,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,
Production Assistance: Sean Dove,
Miltary Consultation: Andrew Swenson

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Tim Seeley, Cory Hamscher & Brett R. Smith,
Cover Company: Devil's Due Publishing

Cover B (Retailer Exclusive): None
Cover Company: Graham Crackers Comics

Cover C (2nd Printing): Mike Norton
Cover Company: Devil's Due Publishing

Full Details

The Baroness has a dream where Cobra Commander, who is half snake, is talking to her about pleasing him and that when that happens her pain is lessoned. This is a direct effect of how the Brainwave Scanner controls a person. The Baroness has been subjected to it many times. Destro, who is now married to the Baroness, and Scalpel are working with the her to clear the effects of the Brainwave Scanner, hence the bad dreams.

WNN News correspondent Hector Ramirez is speaking at the White House Press Room about the events that surrounded the destruction of the WNN building. The explosion was initially reported as a gas main leak. In the news conference, he reveals that it was actually a bomb planted by Cobra that blew up the building. Flint and Lady Jaye step in to reveal to the public that special counter terrorist group Delta (GI Joe) has captured Cobra Commander.

General Joseph "Joe" Colton and his wife Jane are introduced by Duke to Claymore. They talk about who is to be in command of GI Joe, now that Hawk is wheel chair bound and out of contact.

Destro has used the resources of Extensive Enterprises, Tomax, and Xamot's company, to reintegrate the defected members of Serpentor's The Coil back into the Cobra ranks. Tomax and Xamot try to pull an ambush on Destro using the Crimson Guard that they command, but the tide is turned when Wraith appears right in front of them. Wraith is Destro's main man, and Tomax and Xamot fall into line with Destro.

In the town of New Moon, Colorado, Mirage has been running an operation with several new Joe recruits, Greenshirts. They are Thomas Stall, Julie Haun, and Curtis Letson. Clutch, Mayday, Snake-Eyes, and Roadblock are being sent into find Mirage, who has missed several reports.

Mirage and his team are in a street fight. One of the new recruits, Haun has been killed, Letson and Stall are left to cover Mirage as he makes a break for a car. As Mirage turns the car around, Stall breaks cover, breaks a direct order and starts shooting, which leaves his teammate Letson uncovered, and the Cobra forces then kill Letson. Clutch's team is being dropped in by helicopter to rescue Mirage and Stall. The helicopter is blown up and the vehicle that contains the team and Mirage is now dropped back into the middle of New Moon. Wraith appears with the support of Scrap-Iron and Major Bludd.

The Juggler's are having a conference with Joe Colton. Hawk has invoked Act 9-8 of the charter. This act allows him to choose a substitute to act in his place for 90 days, which is now Joe. And this officially puts the original Joe back in charge of GI Joe. General Gibbs calls for a review session in which Hawk must be present, and that GI Joe is now under a full investigation.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen