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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2004
Series: G.I. Joe the Real American Hero, Volume 2
Issue Number: 28

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Five new Joes are introduced, and Diana, former member of the October Guard is given a codename. Cobra Commander returns to the leadership position in the Cobra organization. Destro walks away from Cobra and the Baroness doesn't. Barrel Roll is inserted into an undercover position in Cobra. Sierra Gordo is invaded by a mysterious high tech army.

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Notes of Interest

5 completely new Joes are introduced: Hacker, Depth Charge, Mayday, Barrel Roll, and Mariner.

Daina, formerly of the October Guard, is introduced with a new codename, Vorona.

The Greenshirt trainees the Joes were using before are no longer in service with the Joes until they are full team members. .

Major Players

Joes - Alpine, Barrel Roll, Clutch, Depth Charge, Duke, Gung-Ho, Hacker, Hawk, Iceberg, Kamakura, Lady-Jaye, Mariner, Mayday, Shipwreck, Scarlett, Snow Job, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Torpedo, Vorona

Cobra - Baroness, Cobra Commander, Copperhead, Destro, Storm Shadow, Tomax, Xamot Cobra troops - C.L.A.W.S., Lampreys, Morays, Raptor Vipers

Additional characters - Hector, WNN news reporter, host of 20 Questions

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa,
Pencils: Tim Seeley,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: Brett R. Smith,
Letters: Dreamer Designs,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,
Miltary Consultation: Andrew Swenson

Cover: Tim Seeley, Andrew Pepoy, & Val Staples,

Full Details

Dr. Mindbender has escaped and is lost on Cobra Island. Cobra Commander returns to Cobra's New York office in the Extensive Enterprises building, where he once again takes control of Cobra. Destro makes an announcement that he is officially leaving Cobra. Destro does this without informing the Baroness, who is put in the position of deciding between Cobra and the man she loves, Destro. She decides on the spot to stay with Cobra. It is revealed that Cobra Commander has been keeping tabs on all Destro's movements.

Daina, former October Guard member, is reintroduced with a codename of Vorona. She is accompanied by five brand new Joes, Barrel Roll, Mariner, Mayday, Depth Charge, and Hacker. Scarlett and her team have just returned from Tibet, where Jinx and T'J Bang where injured. Hawk & Duke square off against Scarlett and Snake-Eyes. Scarlett proves they accomplished their mission to Hawk, and Duke concurs, deflating Hawk's anger, but still leaving him furious.

Flint sends a team of Joes on a mission to confirm if Cobra still has a presence on Cobra Island. The team: Torpedo the field commander, Mariner, Depth Charge, Mayday, and Barrel Roll. The team is dropped off the coast of Cobra Island in Devilfish. As soon as the team is inserted, they are attacked by Copperhead leading a force of Hydrofoils accompanied by Raptor Vipers. During the battle, Barrel Roll is able disguise himself as a Raptor Viper, and gets pulled out of the water by a Cobra helicopter.

Sierra Gordo is attacked by a mysterious force of high tech forces. Hawk is on a news show called 20 Questions hosted by WNN news coorspondent Hector. Hawk answers one of the questions with a very cryptic answer about GI Joe's presence in Sierra Gordo. As Hawk and Lady Jaye are leaving the building Cobra Commander talks to them from a panel of TV's, in the background is a mysterious male figure that Hawk notices. Cobra Commander reasserts himself as leader of Cobra and ends with this phrase just before blowing up the building. "Dr. Mindbender is captured, Serpentor is dead and now it's your turn".

Summary by Josh Eggebeen