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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: March 2012
Series: G.I. Joe Retaliation Movie Prequel
Issue Number: 2

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Roadblock's past growing up in Washington DC is told as he makes his way out of The Pit and back to the area where Mainframe disappeared only to find his old friend Parker (Mainframe) dead. A blind ninja in red shows up with Snake Eyes.

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Notes of Interest

First appearance of the Blind Master.

Roadblock & Mainframe knew each other when they were young boys, pre-enlistment.

Major Players

GI Joe: Breaker, Hawk, Roadblock, Scarlett, Sgt. Stone, Mainframe's Body

Additional Characters: Blind Master, From Roadblock's Childhood: Parker, Stoop, Bonnie

Creative Team

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Salvador Nauarro & Atilo Rojo
Colorist: Esther Sanz
Letterer: Chris Mowry
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Salvador Nauarro, Colors by Esther Sanz
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B Cover #B (Retail Incentive, Sketch Cover : Artist: Salvador Nauarro
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Buzzard Point, Washington DC, some time ago, a young black boy is carrying a big pot of stew down the sidewalk when a gang of boys just a few years older than him surround him, knocking the pot out of hands spilling the soap, he attacks in a rage but then gets beaten up cause he doesn't know how to fight.

At GI Joe Headquarters in the The Pit, present day, Roadblock is sitting in a containment cell surrounded by Hawk, Scarlett, Sgt. Stone and several other Joes as Hawk confronts him. Roadblock punched Hawk after returning from a mission where Mainframe his friend went missing. Hawk has given his blessing to leave but he has no license to go after Mainframe. The lights in the cell go out, it becomes pitch dark, Hawk calls Breaker asking what is happening he says construction crews cut the power briefly. When the lights come back on Roadblock is gone.

Back in Washington DC, the young black boy enters a boxing gym with his black eyes, a young white boy is in the ring and introduces himself as Parker. The young black boy gets in the ring with him never having boxed before. Parker rings the bell and decks the young black boy knocking him but he gets right back up saying "I wanna learn to do what you just did."

Inside The Pit, Roadblock sneaks into an airplane and flies out of The Pit just as Hawk orders a lock down. Hawk then calls to Snake Eyes, who is standing next to the power coupling, telling him that Roadblock has left The Pit and that he is all Snake Eyes responsibility now.

In the boxing ring, the young black boy is just getting beat up by Parker as he continues to learn to box. But he never stays down, always getting back up, some the other boys & men gather around to watch as he continues to learn as he in knocked down and just keeps getting back up.

Back at the location where Mainframe went missing, Roadblock is investigating the path by following the bullet shells & busted arrows.

In Washington, a couple of years later Parker is walking with an old computer his father gave him when he walks past the same street gang, whose leader is named Stoop, that beat up the young black boy. The surround him and try to steal the computer. He begins to fight them but won't let go of the computer. The young black boy comes rushing up and just decks the leader knocking him down and out. Parker thanks him and the black boy then gives Stoop a lesson.

In the present, Roadblock enters a room filled with junk. Laying in the corner is the dead Mainframe. He rushes up to him saying Parker. A ninja in red appears behind him as Roadblock asks Mainframe forgiveness on not being there when he was needed.

Back in Washington DC, Parker (Mainframe) & the young black boy (Roadblock) who are now both teenagers with Roadblock already towering over Parker in size. They are talking about Roadblock's girlfriend Bonnie then the conversation turns to Parker's enlistment in the Army and how he gets his college paid for and gets to learn computers. Roadblock mentions his cousin is in some special unit then he see what he thinks is an older and bigger Stoop harassing a young white kid. Parker tries to stop him but Roadblock rushes over and then sees Stoop laugh and the young kid laugh also. He turns to Roadblock saying that he has learned his own lessons and he wants the young boy to learn to be safe and protect himself on these dangerous streets.

The ninja in red attacks Roadblock, cutting off the barrels of both his guns, he drops the guns and begins punching/boxing the ninja plus tackling him but the ninja knocks him down but Roadblock gets right back up attacking again, the ninja kicks him in the head knocking him down. But all of sudden Snake Eyes appears right next to the ninja. Roadblock looks up and the ninja in red says "This is the man you want me to train. He has your blood lust, Snake Eyes but if he cannot even defeat a blind man. What hope does Roadblock have?"

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.