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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: April 2009
Series: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Movie Prequel
Issue Number: 2

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Destro as a child gets lessons from his father on the history of his clan and how to operate their family business. In the present, the current Destro is doing a deal with some French underground terrorists when the police arrive to break up the arms deal. Destro escapes using a predator type drone. He has just learned his lesson that his father tried to teach him, never trust a Frenchmen.

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Notes of Interest

This is the movie continuity.

Introduction of Destro.

Family history of Destro.

Major Players

Cobra: Destro.

Additional Characters: Destro's father & his great-great grandfather Angus Lee McCullen

Creative Team

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: SL Gallant
Color: Art Lyon
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Joe Corroney
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Photo Cover
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

In post Civil War America in 1867, Angus Lee McCullen in his silver mask is selling the McCullen repeating rifle (his version of the Gatlin gun) to a small group of former confederate soldiers that are planning on invading Canada. The group pays for the guns with confederate dollars, which are worthless. The confederates then try to steal the guns, but Angus turns the repeating rifle on them killing them all. This is a story that is actually being told to the current Destro by his father when he was a child. He then begins to teach him the four lessons that have kept the family in business for five centuries.

Some additional McCullen family history, they sold arms to both sides of the Mexican uprising, to Maximillian in the Franco/Prussian war, to Bismark himself and all the masters of Destro have profited from the one constant in human history - war.

Monday: Destro is on his plane as it lands in Paris, just as a deal he is about to handle personally is delayed by a day. The buyer will be paying interest on the delay.

Tuesday: At a bank in France, a group of heavy armed soldiers rob a bank and get away safely.

Wednesday: In a run down part of Paris, Destro is meeting with 10 men who are armed with machine guns. He is selling his D-X99 multiple grenade launcher. It has a laser signature target system that marks and remembers its targets. Destro actually targets each of the soldiers, unbeknownst to them, with the targeting system. These soldiers want to take control of Paris and his weapons are the tactical advantage that they need.

Flashback to Father's lesson: The First Lesson. Beware of men with causes.

Destro does a test. He targets a wall with the laser. Then picks up the launcher points it away from the wall and fires, the rocket curves around in a half circle and hits the wall. This allows for maximum accuracy and limited collateral damage. The soldiers drop a suitcase full of Euros on the floor as payment. But Destro knows that this is the money that soldiers got from the bank robbery so it is worthless to him. So he refuses to finish the deal

Flashback to Father's lesson: The Second Lesson. Accept no money with blood on it.

One of the soldiers turns out to be working as an informant for the Paris police and is wired, so the police have been listening to the entire transaction. They charge in realizing that the deal isn't going to happen. The soldiers attack Destro who grabs the launcher and the money and as he runs away firing multiple grenades, these grenades start circling and hitting the soldiers. As the police enter, Destro makes for the roof, he calls Bucephalus in his plane at the airport which contains a predator drone that launches from the belly of the plane. Once he reaches the roof, he tosses the money down onto a crowd that has gathered to watch, creating total chaos with the police.

Flashback to Father's lesson: The Third Lesson. If you got to Paris have an escape plan.

Bucephalus is guiding the drone through the streets of Paris as Destro stands on the edge of the roof, still carrying the rocket launcher. A police helicopter is zeroing in on him as he jumps of the roof landing on the back of the drone. Which flies him away to safety.

Flashback to Father's lesson: The Fourth Lesson. Never, ever trust a Frenchmen.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen