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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: July 2009 (4th Week)
Series: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Movie Adaptation
Issue Number: 4

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The Joes invade the MARS underwater arctic base, Snake Eyes defeats Storm Shadow, Duke rescues the Baroness, The Doctor turns into The Commander and Destro gets his silver mask all as the Joes defeat them both.

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Alternate Covers

Cover C was at first only sold at the San Diego Comic Convention at the IDW Publishing booth. Much later in March of 2010, it was released through Diamond.

Notes of Interest

Contains 5 pages from GI Joe #1 which is a preview of the GI Joe trade paperback.

Introduction of Dr. Mindbender, who is not associated with MARS or Cobra and not officially named in the comic but he is in the movie.

Major Players

Joes: Breaker, Duke, Hawk, Heavy Duty, Rip Cord, Scarlett, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Destro (as James McCullen), Baroness (Ana Lewis), Cobra Commander (Rex, The Doctor), Zartan

Additional Characters: President of the United States, Dr. Mindbender

Creative Team

Writer: Denton J. Tipton
Artist: Casey Maloney
Color: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Casey Maloney & Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Photo Cover
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (San Diego Comic Convention Exclusive): Artist: Casey Maloney & Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

In the aftermath of the Paris chase, Breaker does a brain scan of a dead viper. He retrieves the brainwaves just before McCullen hits the terminate button and the body is eaten by nanomites. Breaker puts on a show pretending that he didn’t get anything when in fact he got everything he could.

Then the Paris police arrive to arrest the Joes.

Duke and the Baroness are sitting in the jet just looking at each other. Duke wonders why she hasn't killed him but they have other plans. Duke apologizes for not bring Rex home and for abandoned her.

In The Doctor's lab at MARS headquarters, The Doctor is prepping Zartan for a the achievement of a lifetime. But before anything can happen Zartan makes sure his bank account if full. Zartan has practiced, studied and prepared for this moment for 18 months. The Doctor injects him with a special nanomite solution that immediately begins to transform Zartan's face at first horribly but then it begins to return to normal but he does not look at all like his former self.

In a Paris police station, Hawk arrives in a wheelchair to release Scarlett, Rip Cord, Breaker and Heavy Duty with the provision that they never return to Paris and they have been recalled to their respective heads of state. GI Joe has been declare a rogue unit and been shut down.

Later, Breaker gets all of his gear back and along with Scarlett they are analyzing the dead vipers memories he retrieved. One of the memories is of McCullen outside of a plane in a snow covered area of the world. Using complex math, they figure out his location as being in the arctic. Snake Eyes joins them as they inform Hawk that they may have discovered the MARS base. Hawk then says " I said you were to report to The Pit. I didn't say which route to take."

Inside the MARS underwater arctic base, Storm Shadow has arrived with the three remaining nanomite warheads. McCullen meets them and the Baroness gives him a warm hello kiss right in front of Duke. McCullen breaks off from the kiss and confronts Duke. But first he orders Storm Shadow to take them to the drones, which are ready to launch. He turns back to Duke and says "Isn't it funny. With the entire balance of world power about to shift. A couple of guys can still have a stare down over who gets the girl." McCullen then proceeds to explain his plan to strike fear into the heart of every man, woman and child. And once that happens the governments of the world will turn to MARS to protect them.

Duke is then brought to The Doctor's lab.

Outside the base on the surface, the Joes arrive with Scarlett killing two of the MARS Viper guards. Easily gaining access to the base, but the alarm has been sounded. At the same time, McCullen launches three warheads. Snake Eyes fires off two missiles which intercept one of three and destroy it. The other two take off.

Back in The Doctor's lab, Duke is about be injected with a special nanomite mind control formula. But The Doctor pulls of his mask to reveal his deformed face so that Duke can see that his almost brother in law, Rex, is still very alive. A very surprised Duke asks him why didn't he reveal that he was alive.

In a flashback, Rex is in the lab they were sent to destroy. The scientist they were sent to kill saved him and shared his research. Which the US government paid him to create but then deemed to unethical to be continued. And they sent in the Army to finish the job. But the explosion which deformed Rex lead him to perfect the research. He has never revealed his being alive to his sister Ana, the Baroness.

On the surface, Rip Cord gets in a Night Raven and prepares to fly off to destroy the two remaining missiles. Scarlett gives him a good luck kiss before he takes off.

In the lab, The Doctor begins the procedure against the restrained Duke. But he is knocked to the ground by the Baroness. The Baroness has overridden the nanomite brain programming just long enough to free Duke before she passes out. McCullen arrives with several guards as The Doctor recovers. Duke kills the guards as The Doctor and McCullen discuss how it was possible that some has overridden the nanomite brain programming.

Now inside the base, Scarlett, Breaker and Snake Eyes are fighting their way to the control room. After taking control of the room, Scarlett gets connected to Rip Cord and guides him to one missile headed toward Moscow. Rip Cord can't figure out how to fire the guns, Scarlett tells him it is voice control and tells him to say the Scottish word for fire. It works and he destroys the Moscow missile. The turns the jet towards the missile headed for Washington, DC.

In the Presidential bunker ,the President receives the news that Rip Cord shot down the Moscow missile. Behind him a mysterious figure arrives.

In the Lab, The Doctor has his finger on kill button for the Baroness, Duke has a gun pointed at him and McCullen stands near a flame torch. Just as Duke makes a move McCullen fires the flame torch which burns him and creates a wall of flame between McCullen and The Doctor and Duke and the Baroness.

On a platform above the submarine docks, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have meet once again and begin to fight.

Duke gets the Baroness to a submarine.

The Doctor gets McCullen to his command submarine and he orders the detonation of base and ice shelf above it.

Rip Cord is able to destroy the last missile by slamming into with Night Raven just as he ejects.

Scarlett orders the Joes to evacuate.

Snake Eyes looks down at the water that Storm Shadow has fallen into. Storm Shadow's blood and sword at his feet.

The ice shelf erupts.

Rip Cord lands on the White House lawn and is arrested.

The Doctor has given McCullen a special injection of nanomites that has saved him from his burns. The injection has formed a silver mask around McCullen's head. And The Doctor says "James McCullen is no more now you are Destro and call me Commander." And we see that The Doctor has changed his mask to a blue one.

Much later. The Baroness is in a containment cell as doctors try to analyze what the Commander has done to his sister. Hawk and Heavy Duty agree that Duke and Rip Cord should stick around and be official members of the GI Joe team.

And finally. Zartan looking exactly like the President of the United States is sitting in the White House's Oval office chair.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen