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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: July 2009 (2nd Week)
Series: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Movie Adaptation
Issue Number: 2

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Duke & Rip Cord are taken to the secret Joe base, The Pit, in Egypt where the get a tour. Rip Cord and Duke are introduced to the accelerator suits, Rip Cord and Scarlett continuous flirt and Duke reveals he knows who the Baroness is. The Doctor reveals to Destro how his nanomites are used to completely control a person and remove their fear.

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Alternate Covers

Cover C was at first only sold at the San Diego Comic Convention at the IDW Publishing booth. Much later in March of 2010, it was released through Diamond.

Notes of Interest

This is the same continuity as the movie. This adaption comic is the story directly from the movie.

First appearance of The Doctor (Rex Lewis) & Storm Shadow.

Introduction of Leon DeCobray, the Baroness' husband.

Major Players

GI Joe: Breaker, Cover Girl, Duke, Hawk, Heavy Duty, Rip Cord, Scarlett, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Baroness, Destro, The Doctor (Cobra Commander), Storm Shadow, Zartan

Creative Team

Written by Denton J. Tipton
Art by Casey Maloney
Colors by Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Edited by Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Casey Maloney & Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Photo Cover
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (San Diego Comic Convention Exclusive): Artist: Casey Maloney & Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

After saving the nanomites from the attempted theft by the Baroness, Duke is now surrounded by the GI Joe team. Snake Eyes, Heavy Duty, Scarlett & Breaker are all trying to get him to stand down but he won't. A hologram of Hawk appears and talks to Duke. And agreement is made that Duke & Rip Cord will take the nanomites with them as the Joe team returns to their base. Breaker deactivates any tracking signal from the nanomites case.

On the flight Scarlett attends to Rip Cord's wounds. As Duke assess the team members, he figures correctly from accents that Scarlett is Canadian, Heavy Duty is British, Breaker is French Moroccan and Snake Eyes is a complete mystery. Rip Cord and Scarlett stat to flirt but Snake Eyes using his sword puts a stop to it.

As they arrive at the GI Joe base, which is located in Egypt, Duke is surprised by the high tech gear and Hawk begins to give him a tour. First explaining that the Joe tam doesn't officially exist, that the men & women are from many different countries, 23 nations feed the team intel and they have been very successful so far. Also Duke sees some of the high tech stuff: a camouflage suit and hovering aircraft are seen.

They enter a meeting room wear they talk to a hologram of Destro. Destro wants to take control of the nanomites but Hawk refuses saying that outside of this secure base the group that attempted to steal it before will try again. It is safe in The Pit. Destro agrees by asks to check to make sure the nanomites are undamaged. He gives them a code that opens the case, he looks it over and discovers that they are undamaged. And the transmission is then terminated.

Destro, on his end, is completely frustrated and really mad at the Baroness for failing to capture the nanomites. Destro had planned this all from the start. He wanted NATO to fail at protecting the delivery. Destro questions the Baroness if her past relationship with Duke was the reason she failed. She blames it on the Joes.

Later in a different part of the base, Destro enters The Doctor's research lab. The Doctor, who's face is scarred and uses a mask to assist in his breathing, has been perfecting his nanomite solution. With a very deadly cobra snake in a case, The Doctor asks one of his subjects to put his hand into the case. The subject does so without care and the snake bites him, the subject falls to the ground and begins dying from the bite. The Doctor explains that the nanomite solution, which is injected behind the ear, removes all activity from the part of the brain that controls the self-preservation, basically they now have no fear. And at the same time, the nanomites make the person completely obedient. Destro is pleased and orders a team to be sent to Storm Shadow.

Back in The Pit, Hawk has officially taken control of the nanomites and has dismissed Duke & Rip Cord. But Duke says he wants in meaning that he wants to be part of GI Joe. Hawk response is you don't ask to be part of GI Joe, you get asked. And then Duke breaks out a picture of him and the girl who is now the Baroness. He says I know who she is and her name is Ana.

In Paris, France, The Baroness arrives home. She lives in mansion and her husband Baron Leon DeCobray greets her. She is very cold to him as he expresses attraction to her. He is suspicious of her for disappearing and she still remains cold. As she leaves him in the hall as she enters her bedroom. And Storm Shadow is waiting inside. He says he has orders to kill the Baron if he touches her and that they are going on a mission to recover the nanomites in the morning.

In The Pit, Duke explains his past with the Baroness. He was engaged to her when her only brother an Army scientist was assigned to Duke's team for a mission. (See the prequel novel GI Joe Above & Beyond) She makes him promise that he will protect her brother, Rex. He promises. Then he gives her the engagement ring with Rex standing beside her. As Duke talks to Hawk, Rip Cord and Scarlett are continuing to flirt. Scarlett says that she is not interested in Rip Cord even though it doesn't look that way and she reveals that her relationship with Snake Eyes is very complicated and that he is kind of like a brother.

Later, Duke & Rip Cord are getting put through some tests to see if they are GI Joe material. They get introduced to the accelerator suits, they train with Snake Eyes where Duke actually gets a hit on him, something none of the team have seen before, they take tests and are evaluated by Hawk for consideration of being team members.

After all of the tests, both Duke & Rip Cord are accepted into the Joe team, of course only provisionally.

In a control room, a tremor is detected and a team is sent to investigate it.

Later that night Cover Girl arrives at Hawk's door to handle some administration duties. When a knife is thrust through her chest. And Zartan's head appears from behind her saying "Told you I would see you again."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen