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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: July 2009 (1st Week)
Series: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Movie Adaptation
Issue Number: 1

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James McCullen is shipping NATO's first order of nanomites, a new high tech weapon, a NATO military team lead by Duke & Rip Cord are tasked with getting the nanomites to the airport so they can be flown to their final destination. The Baroness leads an attack on the convoy and nearly escapes with the nanomites as Joe team members Scarlett, Snake Eyes & Heavy Duty arrive to help Duke save the nanomites from Cobra.

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Alternate Covers

Cover C was at first only sold at the San Diego Comic Convention at the IDW Publishing booth. Much later in March of 2010, it was released through Diamond.

Cover D is a Retailer Exclusive Cover from a comic store in San Diego called Comic Kaze its available at comickaze.com

Notes of Interest

This is the same continuity as the movie. This adaption comic is the story directly from the movie.

Exclusive interview with EA's GI Joe Rise of Cobra video game writer Brian Reed.

Exclusive interview with EA's GI Joe Rise of Cobra video game producer Matt Marsala.

4 page comic preview of the IDW Helix Special. (Helix is a new character created for the video game and receiving a special one shot comic book, GI Joe Special) (see summary below.)

Major Players

Joes: Cover Girl, Duke, Hawk, Heavy Duty, Rip Cord, Scarlett, Snake Eyes,

Cobra: Destro (as James McCullen), Baroness, Zartan

Additional Characters: James McCullen (of the King Louis XII era)

Creative Team

"No. 1"
Writer: Denton J. Tipton
Artist: Casey Maloney
Color: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Casey Maloney, Colors by Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Photo Cover
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (San Diego Comic Convention Exclusive): Artist: Casey Maloney, Colors by Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Retailer Exclusive - ComicKraze.com): Photo Cover Cover Company: ComicKraze

Full Details

In Paris in 1641, a Scottish man is being led from his prison cell to learn his sentence. This man named James McCullen has been found guilty of treason for selling arms to the enemy. After McCullen makes several threats that his legacy will live a long time through his sons, his sentence is pronounced. He is to be made an example of his face will be placed inside a mask in which he will wear for the rest of his life. The mask is hot as it is placed around his head and wielded shut.

In the present day at the NATO Weapons Command, the current James McCullen is giving a speech about his new type of weapons technology, nanomites. Nanomites have been used to kill cancer and now been modified by MARS (Military Armaments Research Syndicate) industries into a weapon that will help reduce the amount of human causalities on the battlefield. They are now designed to eat metal and can be killed by hitting a switch that short circuits them on command. He shows a video clip of an entire tank being eaten and destroyed by these nanomites.

General Hawk and his assistant Cover Girl watch the speech. McCullen continues informing the members of the audience that the next day the first shipment will be delivered to NATO from his Kyrsyzstan factory.

The delivery will be aided by a highly trained elite NATO unit.

After the speech is over, General Hawk introduces himself. But McCullen already knows who he is. Along with Cover Girl, McCullen's assistant a bald headed man join the group as they exit the meeting hall. The bald headed assistant does a very strange thing to Cover Girl , he mimics her and she catches him and calls him out on it. His response is "Sorry bad habit". Hawk asks McCullen about the transit team that has been assigned to convey the nanomites. Hawk promotes his team as the best and that he will be needing his team to assist. But McCullen has full confidence in his NATO convoy team. And thanks Hawk and leaves. McCullen's assistant says a farewell to Cover Girl.

In the MARS factory in Kyrgyzstan, Duke has taken command of his convoy with his second in command Rip Cord. These are US Army Rangers working with a group of NATO soldiers to escort the nanomites to their safe destination.

The convoy has two armored and highly armed military vehicles as escorts called Panthers. The nanomites will ride in the middle of the convoy in a bigger and more armored military vehicle called the Rhino. Several Hummer trucks will b following in support. Above the convoy will be two Apache helicopters. The convoy moves out of the MARS factory moving fast.

Rip Cord and Duke are riding in the first Panther with Rip Cord at the wheel. Rip Cord begins talking about their history together and how he really wants to be a pilot in the Air Force and has submitted his transfer. Duke calls in for a routine radar check, the response is negative, the scope is clear. Just as he gets the confirmation, Rip Cord spots a strange aircraft and it destroys one of the Apache helicopters. This helicopter then crashes right in front of the convoy, effectively stopping the entire convoy in its track. As the flaming wreck of the first helicopter turns into a raging fireball, the second Apache also comes crashing to the ground. The mysterious airplane then attacks the rest of convoy, destroying the Hummers, Duke's panther is flipped it on its side by an explosion and the Rhino carrying the nanomites is disabled. Rip Cord is hurt but not bad. After getting him clear, Duke spots several soldiers exiting from the mysterious plane.

These soldiers, Neo Vipers, step out and begin a firefight with the convoy soldiers. After the NATO soldiers are killed out steps a very beautiful woman dressed in all black leather with black hair and sunglasses. See shoots two NATO soldiers that are inside the Rhino and takes possession of the MARS labeled nanomite case. The Baroness watches as Duke saves Rip Cord's life. She orders two of the Neo Vipers to follow her.

Duke has recovered and looks up to see the Baroness who he recognizes and she says "Hello Duke" before kicking him in the head and saying "you have to admit you had that coming. Good bye Duke." The Neo Viper points his gun at Duke as the Baroness walks off with the MARS case.

Duke moves very quickly to attack the closest Neo Viper. But the second one gets the drop on him as several more Neo Vipers arrive. But out of no were a sword shoots through the chest of the Neo Viper about to kill Duke, a second Neo Viper is killed with an arrow to the head and an explosion clears the way for Duke to chase after the Baroness. He catches her and grabs the case. As they fall, the Baroness' airplane lowers a cable which she grabs and is pulled away and clear. Duke watches as she flies away. He still holds the case as three figures stand above him. They are Heavy Duty, Scarlett and Snake Eyes.


HELIX Summary

In a training room, a female is standing waiting for the go and her name is Helix. In rush two Joes who attack her as 4 additional Joes step in the room and begin firing there guns in the air.

Helix not only names the guns & the amount of bullets exactly but has the ability to count them as they are fired as she easily defends herself. An order is given to cease fire. She then immediately gives the counts of the bullets fired in all four guns. And the count is perfect.

Then the action is paused. Hawk and Duke have been watching this training exercise on a TV. What they were watching was a woman who has exceptional skills in "Total Organic Battlefield Awareness."

Hawk explains to Duke that Helix is an alpha level Joe operative and she has gone missing. Helix does not officially exist. He hands over Helix's dossier and inside is no military record because she is not military. And Duke's mission is to go find her. He will not tell any other Joe his mission and he will work independently.

(Helix is character created for the video game but this story is part of the IDW continuity as is she. See the GI Joe Special that finishes the above story.)

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.