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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: May 2010
Series: G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Movie
Issue Number: 4

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Duke continuing to work with Cobra's Major Bludd has captured Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Rip Cord. Cobra uses his codes to break into the GI Joe communication system and they transmit threats to destroy San Francisco using a fake holographic puppet of Hawk.

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Notes of Interest

This is the same continuity as the movie.

This story line takes place after the final events of the Arctic battle at the end of the movie.

Major Players

GI Joe: Duke, Scarlett, Hawk, Rip Cord, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, Pluto

Additional Characters: President of United States, Sgt. Pines, Cap. Jones, Major Anderson

Creative Team

Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Agustin Padilla
Color: J. Brown
Letters: Chris Mowry
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Joe Corroney
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B : Artist: Agustin Padilla, colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive, Virgin Cover): Artist: Joe Corroney
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Scarlett is tending to Rip Cord, who has just been shot in the chest by Duke. Duke, who seems to have turned traitor, is working with Major Bludd and Storm Shadow. Rip Cord's body armor protected him from death but he is still in pain. Major Bludd orders that they be taken away and locked up. Major Bludd notices that Snake Eyes is missing just as he attacks from above and behind Duke. Scarlett & Rip Cord then attack Major Bludd as an all out fist fight takes place. Snake Eyes is getting the better of Duke when Storm Shadow steps in to save him. Rip Cord breaks off from fighting Major Bludd to fight Duke. There are several regular soldiers fighting the Neo Vipers also.

Major Bludd punches Scarlett almost knocking her out, Rip Cord is tackled by Duke and Storm Shadow throws poison knock out darts into Snake Eyes. The fight is over all of the Joes and support soldiers surrender. Scarlett confronts Duke about his actions and he insists that he has defected to Cobra.

Three hours later, Pluto, Cobra's computer specialist, has used Duke's secret codes to access the GI Joe mainframe and is preparing to communicate with Hawk through the holographic display. Major Bludd introduces himself to Hawk, who already knows him. Major Bludd then goes on to have a conversation about how he was instructed to such down the operating MARS facilities in case certain people were ever captured. He then politely asks Hawk to release Rex Lewis and James McCullen. Hawk denies the request, so Major Bludd then brings in 5 of the soldiers that were fighting with the Joes. He again asks for the release of Cobra Commander and Destro or he will kill these men. He looks over at Duke, who doesn't even flinch. Hawk denies knowing Duke, but then gives the names of the soldiers as Sgt. Pines, Cap. Jones, Major Anderson and Col. Lo... But before Hawk can finish his name Major Bludd turnaround and executes him say how much he loves executing superior officers. Duke steps up and punches Major Bludd saying "You said no murders." Hawk tells Major Bludd that several teams of Joe agents on the way to rescue them, they will be surrounded in moments.

This has all been happening on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.

During the whole conversation, Pluto has been hacking into the Joe network. He gives the word to Major Bludd that he has successfully created a holographic puppet of Hawk that Major Bludd can use to communicate through the Joe network to the President and the rest of the military. He again asks for the release of the Cobra Commander and Destro.

Major Bludd then begins broadcasting as Hawk telling the President that the Joe team has taken control of Alcatraz Island, has placed explosives all around San Francisco and plans to blow the city up. He then triggers a bomb that explodes on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.