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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: December 2010
Series: Future Noir / Deviations
Issue Number: 2

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The Joe team fights and defeats the Baroness, Nemesis Enforcer, Dr. Mindbender and a massive snake that destroys buildings. Serpentor escapes and the Joe team along with Snake Eyes clean up the city of all mutants and Cobra soldiers. Finally, Serpentor takes over command from Cobra Commander.

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Notes of Interest

Snake Eyes is not part of the GI Joe team.

Sci-Fi is half robot/computer.

Major Players

GI Joe: Duke, Hawk, Helix, Roadblock, Scarlett, Sci-Fi

Arashikage Clan: Hard Master, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander (King Cobra), Dr. Mindbender, Nemesis Enforcer, Serpentor

Creative Team

"Future Noir Special #2"
Writer: Andy Schmidt
Art: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Baroness having just knocked out Duke challenges Scarlett. She is using her electric whips in the attack. Scarlett dodges them and knocks her back as Duke recovers and tackles her. Scarlett knocks her out cold and they both walk away.

Nemesis Enforcer is a large mutant with octopus like tentacles coming out of his back. Helix pinned to the floor by Nemesis Enforcer's foot picks up her gun and fires directly into his face, which frees her from his grasp. Helix avoids the tentacles and continues to fire her guns which shoots off a lot of parts of Nemesis Enforcer, but he grabs her in midair as she dives for cover. Roadblock picks up a spike that has been blown of him and jams it into the heart killing him.

Over the city, Sci-Fi is flying his ship and being attacked by more of the flying mutants. Several of them fly into the engines destroying them. Sci-Fi using his half cyborg wheels (they replace his legs) jumps from the ship as in begins crashing.

Duke and Scarlett run for cover as Sci-Fi's ship crashes into the chemical factory that is producing the mutant virus causing a huge explosion that completely destroys the factory and all of the virus.

Later the team meets to discuss their next move. They split up, again as Sci-Fi does the computer hacking, Duke has a moment of weakness where Scarlett has to encourage him and then they proceed to search a laboratory. Inside Duke runs into Dr. Mindbender, then Dr. Mindbender begins explaining his experiments. The crazy mutants that the Joes have been fighting are actually mutated humans now under his control. In the middle of a sentence a sword appears from his chest. Snake Eyes stabs him and the Hard Master tells Duke that he didn't need to listen to any of his information.

The entire building starts shaking like an earthquake. Outside a huge snake as tall a high rise is wrecking the city as it moves through knocking over buildings. The military shows up with tanks and planes to fight the massive snake but it just spits out its venom which melts people and tanks. The Joe team just watches as a man appears on top of the head of the massive snake.

The still alive Dr. Mindbender screams "The Messiah has arrived! Serpentor is here!". Scarlett tries to get some information out of him, but he finally dies.

They make a plan, the Joe team will attempt to capture Serpentor and Snake Eyes with take out the massive snake.

Snake Eyes jumps on the back of the massive snake cuts a hole in the skin and climbs into the body.

From a helicopter, Duke drops out and knocks Serpentor off the head of the snake. Scarlett using a cable grabs the bag that Serpentor has on his chest which holds a computer as he is falling. When Serpentor lands he creates a huge crater as Duke uses a parachute to land. Serpentor then sends a swarm of his small mutated soldiers to smash the chopper causing it to crash land.

Roadblock, Scarlett and Helix come out of the crashed chopper firing at all of the small insect soldiers. Duke is grabbed by Serpentor and he starts lying to him about how Dr. Mindbender has betrayed him and created a virus that will kill all of his mutated creations. Serpentor drops him walks off.

The massive snake comes around the corner and just falls down dead and out of the eye crawls Snake Eyes. Scarlett discovers the location of the launch system from the captured computer and the Joe team along with Snake Eyes rush off to stop the launch.

As they arrive they take out the Cobra soldiers but one gets a missile off. Helix and Sci-Fi, who is now using legs instead of the treads, rush off to find where the missile lands to save the ones who will be mutated. When they arrive they hold hands as they begin to execute the recently mutated humans.

Later, Duke reports to Hawk telling him that the rest of the virus was destroyed, Dr. Mindbender's body was put in cold storage, Snake Eyes & the Hard Master cleaned up the streets of the remaining mutants and Cobra soldiers. Hawk congratulates them on an excellent job of fighting such a strange and new threat.

At Cobra headquarters, Cobra Commander is asking why Dr. Mindbender was able to create such a virus without his knowledge, when Serpentor busts in the door and says "You're no longer in charge. I am Serpentor. I am the rightful king of Cobra and you will follow me. Any questions."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen